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'''MicroCon 2021''' will be held in [[w:Las Vegas|Las Vegas]], [[w:Nevada|Nevada]], [[w:United States|United States]]. It will be hosted by [[w:Westarctica|Westarctica]] and co-hosted by the [[Shiloh|Kingdom of Shiloh]].
#redirect [[MicroCon 2022]]
Planning for the event began in late 2018, when [[Timothy I, King of Shiloh|King Timothy]] of [[Shiloh]] and [[Travis I, Grand Duke of Westarctica|Grand Duke Travis]] of [[Westarctica]] devised a plan to submit a joint bid to host the 2021 iteration of the event in Las Vegas. Their bid was selected from a field of at least three others, and was officially announced at [[MicroCon 2019]].
The first formal planning meeting of the organizing committee occurred on 7 January 2020 at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA, only a few miles away from the site of the first MicroCon. The two host nation's heads of state were joined by Princess Samantha of Shiloh, and [[Jordan Farmer]], the Prime Minister of Westarctica. The event's official website was launched two days later to share the committee's proposed schedule.
A weekend trip to Las Vegas had been planned in April 2020 in order to make a final selection from a shortlist of three sites. Unfortunately, the global Covid-19 outbreak prevented this from occurring. Planning of the event will resume once Las Vegas' convention industry opens back up for new bookings. At that time, the target window of Summer 2021 will be reassessed for viability.
==Planned Events==
The convention is planned to follow a similar format as [[MicroCon 2019]]. There has been discussion of adding an informal meet-and-greet on Thursday evening. There are plans to make the awards presentations a separate event from the Saturday night white-tie event. The presentations dominated the gala in 2019, and even more attendees are expected at the Las Vegas convention. The first induction ceremony for the newly established [[Micronational Hall of Excellence]] is planned to take place in conjunction with the event, if not during the convention itself.
==States attending==
As tickets for the event have yet to go on sale, an exact list of nations that will be in attendance is unavailable. Many nations have expressed their interest or intent to attend the conference.
===Potential Attendees===
<big>Host Nations</big>
<big>Nations Intending to Attend</big>
*{{flaglist|Grand Republic of Cycoldia}}
*[[File:Misberia Flag.png|25x25px]] [[Grand Duchy of Misberia]]
*[[File:Flag of Naveria.svg|25px]] [[Commonwealth of Naveria]]
*{{flaglist|Ponderosa Hills}}
*[[file:Pontuniaflag.png|25px]] [[Duchy of Pontchartrain-Maurepas]]
*[[File:Sabini national flag.jpg|25px]] [[Free State of Sabini]]
*[[File:SunRepublic.png|25px]]  [[The Sun Republic]]
*[[File:Flag_of_Wendatia.png|25px]] [[Republic of Wendatia]]
==See also==
*[[List of micronational conventions and meet-ups]]
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