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| [[North American Conservative Party|Conservative]]
| [[North American Conservative Party|Conservative]]
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Aaron Meek Cabinet
1st ministry of North American Confederation
Date formed 28 Nov 2010
Date dissolved 28 Apr 2011
People and organizations
Head of government Aaron Meek
Head of state William I
Johnathan I
Member party Commu-Socialist
Status in legislature Provisional Government
Opposition party Conservative
Opposition leader Jacob Ramirez
Legislature term(s) Provisional Government
Previous Confederation Founded
Successor Marx

The Meek Cabinet was the founding government of the North American Confederation. Starting from 28 November 2010 until the collapse of the NAC on 28 April 2011, the government was led by Commu-Socialist leader Aaron Meek. The Meek Cabinet dealt with many external and internal issues with the North American Confederation and eventually collapsed along with the rest of the nation. It was eventually succeeded by the Marx Cabinet.


The cabinet consisted of the following ministers:

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister Aaron Meek 28 Nov 2010 28 Apr 2011 Commu-Socialist
General Field Marshal Juan Carlos
Unknown 17 Apr 2011 Conservative
Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Marx 28 Nov 2010 28 Apr 2011 Liberty
Minister of Media Jacob Ramirez 30 Jan 2011 28 Apr 2011 Conservative