Mayorship of MathsVille

The Mayorship of MathsVille, commonly refered to as MathsVille, Maths Village or Mr. Beale's crazy world, is an autocratic semi-geofictional micronation with territories in the village of Reepham. The nation is landlocked micronationally by Rukora and macronationally by the United Kingdom. The micronation also contains a fictional village, which is commonly reffered to a Beale Town. Beale Town is known as the virtual capital of MathsVille, whilst MA1 is considered to be the real-life capital. The nation is ruled by Mr. Beale, who is the Mayor, and thus has all the say in what goes within the nation. The student's in his Year 10 class are all citizens, all are given jobs by the Mayor to do.

Mayorship of MathsVille

"Let's do some Maths!"
I love maths
Capital cityMA1
Largest cityMA1
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No national religion
GovernmentTo be Founded
- MayorMr. Beale
- Honoury KingKanye West
EstablishedNovember 28, 2011
Area claimed60m2
CurrencyElbow Grease
Time zoneUTC


MathsVille derives from the Gaelic word "math" (meaning good) and Ville (meaning village). Thus the name means "Good Village".


The Mayorship of MathsVille was founded by Mr. Beale on November 28, 2011, by Mr. Beale, after a conversation between him and several students, who asked him which jobs did he see them having during a maths lesson. The nation was promptly founded.


Many people in MathsVille are good at maths and the national passtime is doing maths revision. Every few months, a Ninja competition is held, and the current champion is Shane Mills.


The national newspaper of MathsVille is the RHSC Review, which is published once every three months.

Notable Citizens