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The current Emperor of Havenfall, Matthias I, was born on June twelfth, 1996, in Halifax Nova Scotia, to Empress Dowager Michelle Pettipas and Craig Henley, the former Lord of Sibley, as Matthew Pettipas. Growing up Matthew showed no signs of political aspirations or interest in governance. All this changed as he hit his teens, becoming fascinated by how governments worked. Disenchanted with the way things were being handled in both his native Canada and the neighbouring United States, Matthew wished to establish a State where each citizen, regardless of status, could live safe in the knowledge that their sovereign worked on their behalf, and not against them. Seeing weaknesses in both Republicanism and Constitutional monarchy, he chose Absolute monarchy in order to ensure his vision of the perfect State could flourish unhindered. Thus the Empire of Havenfall was born. Emperor Matthias began his reign on Monday, February eleventh, 2019.

The Emperor, while believing in the separation of church and state, is a proud Pagan himself, being a Polytheist and following many spiritual and religious traditions, including, but not limited to, Celtic, Norse, and Greek paganism, as well as aspects of Judaism and Islam.

When he is not governing the Empire, Matthias is an author and actor, writing fantasy stories and producing Short Films.