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Martian Soviet Socialist Republic

The Martian Soviet Socialist Republic was part of the former USLSSR located on the planet Mars. It was the largest of the SSRs, claiming all of the planet of Mars. The reason behind the establishment of the MSSR was the planned start of the USLSSR's space program. It gave the program a target (be it virtually impossible but still theoretically possible) to aim for, the landing of a cosmonaut on the surface of Mars. It was criticized during its existance, being called sheer madness by some members of the government and a bold reach for the stars by others.

Martian SSR

"Into the Cosmos"
Capital city Whitburg
Largest city Whitburg
Official language(s) English, Serbian
Demonym Martian (Soviet)
Government Socialist Republic
- President Alex Whitmarsh
Legislature None
Established August 13, 2010
Disestablished November 20, 2011
Area claimed 144,798,500kmĀ²
Population 0
Currency USLSSR ruble
Time zone N/A