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Markoslavian Empire
Markoflag.png National flagMarkoslaviacoatofarms.png Coat of arms

Capital cityMarkograd
Largest cityMarkograd
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentMarko First
LegislatureFascist Monarchy
CurrencyMarkoreich Mark
National sportHunting
National animalTiger

Markoslavia, officially the Markoslavian Empire, is a fascist monarchy founded on 29/03/2019. The reigning monarch, Marko I, has complete control over Markoslavia and is generally loved by the people of Markoslavia. Marko I believes military strength is the biggest priority of Markoslavia. Marko I takes the initiative that Markoslavia is not a country with a military - it is a military with a country. The ultimate aim for Markoslavia is to expand the living space - even if military force is required.