Marais Program

The Marias Program or otherwise known as the Maria Program for Personal Development or MPPD, is the main organization for national and cultural programs for the Principality of Misberia and its citizens. The Marias Program is named in honor of the late Maria Birch and has been around since August 2021 following a decree by the Sakom of Misberia.

Marais Program
The Marais Program for Personal Development
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Logo of The Marais Program
Founded31 August 2021
Founded atNaples
Legal statusGoverning body of Development
HeadquartersMachias, Misberia
Region served
6 Programs
Official languages
English, French
Archie Birch
Vice President
Main organ
Executive Board


  • The Lygonian Association of Sports and Olympics Committee (LASOC), tt is responsible for entering the Principality of Misberia and the coordination and management of the team to the intermicronational events which the organization has signed up for. It also provides technical assistance and funding to its members through volunteers and donations. The LASOC has seen three gold medals won by Archie Birch in the UCIM World Cup 2020.
  • The Klenova Expeditions are a series of exploratory expeditions set out by the Military Police of Misberia's International Gendarmerie for the exploration of Washington County, Maine. The expeditions are led by Archie Birch and mainly consisting exploration and annexations for the Principality of Misberia.
  • The Randouler Weather Station is a weather station located in the Principality of Misberia in the Republic and Canton of Acadia, named after Nicholas Randouler. The station provides rare but helpful weather reports. The weather rock was first established on 12 May 2020 after talks with Zar Antanov of Obscurium to create one in his nation located in Germany. On 10 June 2020, the weather rock was renamed and granted memorial status in the now Principality of Misberia for the recently passed micronationalist, Nicholas Randouler who provided the Misberian people the kick needed to create a culture so they could partake in his GUM Sister Cities Program.
  • The Religious Community of Misberia, is the only religious institution to be recognized by the Misberian state. Its recognition is given by the Phase One announcement by the Sakom in August 2021, which establishes a program to encourage religious understanding within Principality of Misberia, with one religious sect being created and that being the Maine Catholic Community.
  • The Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection was established in the Summer of 2020 with the goal of sharing flags from around the world with citizens of the Principality of Misberia. The Lygonian Yen in the Principality of Misberia is backed by the flag collection with the exchange rate being based on the amount of flags in the collection as the following exchange calculation as 15cm2 of flag equals 10 Lygonian Yen accounting for over 10,300 Lygonian Yen. There are currently 210 flags in the collection with 104 being from UN recognized nations, and 33 micronational flags.
  • The Military Police of Misberia is an armed force responsible for protecting Principality of Misberia and asserting its claims. It is comprised of the International Gendarmerie. It is managed by the Sakom. The Military Police of Misberia became prominent in the former Misberian Confederacy when its expansion and professionalization caused a uptick in national interest during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Military Police of Misberia generally focuses on ceremonial functions, training, assisting with civilian projects and community service. The Military Police of Misberia currently has one member.

Logos of The Marais Programs

Program Notes

Name Picture Notes
Klenova Expeditions
Klenova MWM2635   Klenova MWM2635 was a expedition on the 26th of May 2021, exploring the Machias Bay Area in the towns of Machias, Marshfield and Whitneyville along many notable routes and sights including the Machias Heritage Trail, the Money Island Trail and the historic areas of Whitneyville including the old school and the old hydroelectric dam. The trip was 35 km long lasting 5.5 hours and was also used by the Military Police of Misberia to scout out and claim land for the Maritime Republic of Misberia.
Klenova M0115   Klenova M0115 was a expedition on the 1st of June 2021, exploring the Middle River Park area in the town of Machias. The trip explored all the trails in the park and was 15 km long lasting 2 hours and was used by the Military Police of Misberia to scout out and claim land for the Maritime Republic of Misberia.
Religious Communities of Misberia
Maine Catholic Community TBA The MCC takes most of its belief system and traditions from the Catholic Church in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the son of God made man who came to earth to redeem humanity's sins through His death and resurrection. They follow His teachings as set out in the New Testament and place their trust in God's promise of eternal life with Him. The MCC however does mix in its own regional inspirations from the New England folklore and the communities around it, making the MCC a syncretism based faith similar to those of Mexican and Catholic communities in the Caribbean. The MCC takes inspiration from the New England region for some aspects of its faith including the mindset of help thy neighbor to a faithful degree and to remain uninvolved in affairs not of one's concern. The MCC pushes the idea of Sunday's being away from technology and other life distractions for a day to practice faith, spend time with family and friends and go outdoors. The MCC has one Patron Saint, Jeremiah O'Brien - Captain Jeremiah O'Brien (1744–1818) was an Irish-American captain in the Massachusetts State Navy. Prior to its existence (or that of the Continental Navy), he commanded the sloop Unity when he captured the British armed schooner HMS Margaretta in the Battle of Machias, the first naval battle of the American Revolutionary War. The MCC has had him marked as the MCC's leading saint, the Saint of Bravery and Maritime Endeavors.