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State of Mangalistan

Flag of Mangals.pngMangal Emblem.png

Mangal: "Geliyoruz
English: "We're coming"
Benten-jima (Wakkanai)
Capital cityBenten-jima
Largest cityBenten-jima
Official language(s)Mangal, Japanese, Ryukyuan and English
Official religion(s)Secular state
GovernmentElective monarchy
- KhanTo be decided
LegislatureTo be decided
Area claimed0.0019 sq mi
Population1 (non-territorial)
Time zoneUTC+9
National sportFootball, Oil wrestling and Karate

The State of Mangalistan (Mangal: Mangalistan Devleti) is an unrecognized nation claiming Benten-jima island (which is also claimed by Japan).



Mangal means "grill" in Mangal and "-stan" is a Persian suffix meaning "Land of".


Benten-jima is 0.005 square kilometres (0.0019 sq mi) in area, its perimeter is roughly 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi), and its highest point is 20 metres (66 ft) above sea level. It is named after Benzaiten, once enshrined on the island. The wildlife includes many seabirds, steller sea lions, kombu kelp, and sea urchins.

Foreign relations

Claim disputes

Recognized; no relations