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{{Infobox nation
#redirect [[State of Mangalistan]]
|name              = Shurigawan State of Mangalistan<br>Mangalistan
|image1            = [[File:Flag of Mangals.png|150px|border]]
|image2            = [[File:Mangal Emblem.png|50px]]
|motto              = '''Mangal:''' "Geliyoruz<br>'''English:''' "We're coming"
|location          = [[w:Benten-jima (Wakkanai)|Benten-jima (Wakkanai)]]
|capital            = [[w:Benten-jima (Wakkanai)|Benten-jima]]
|largest_city      = [[w:Benten-jima (Wakkanai)|Benten-jima]]
|languages          = [[Mangal language|Mangal]], [[w:Japanese|Japanese]], [[w:Ryukyuan|Ryukyuan]] and [[w:English|English]]
|religions          = [[w:Secularism|Secularism]]
|demonym            = Mangalistani
|government        = [[w:Constitutional monarchy|Constitutional monarchy]]
|head of state      = [[Shurigawan Monarchy|Khan]]
|head of government = [[Governer of Mangalistan|Governer]]
|hos_name          = [[Shady Morsi|Toshiko]]
|hog_name          = [[Hasan Pasha]]
|legislature        = ''To be decided''
|area              = 0.0019 sq mi
|population        = 2 <small>(non-territorial)</small>
|population_notes  = <!-- Notes regarding how population was counted, etc. -->
|currency          = [[Shurigawa#Currency|Ryō]]
|time_zone          = UTC+9
|nat_sport          = [[w:Association football|Football]], [[w:Oil wrestling|Oil wrestling]] and [[w:Karate|Karate]]
}}The '''Shurigawan State of Mangalistan''' ('''Mangal:''' Mangalistan Shurigalistanli Devleti)  is an [[w:Unrecognized nation|unrecognized nation]] claiming [[w:Benten-jima (Wakkanai)|Benten-jima]] island (which is also claimed by [[w:Japan|Japan]]. It is currently a [[w:Vassal|vassal]] of  [[Shurigawa]].
{{main|w:Benten-jima (Wakkanai)}}
Benten-jima is 0.005 square kilometres (0.0019 sq mi) in area, its perimeter is roughly 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi), and its highest point is 20 metres (66 ft) above sea level. It is named after Benzaiten, once enshrined on the island. The wildlife includes many seabirds, steller sea lions, kombu kelp, and sea urchins.
{{Mangalistan navbox}}
{{Shurigawa navbox}}

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