Mallanorian regal election, 2015

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2015 Mallanorian National Election

Mallanor Flag.png
18 April 2015
→ 2016
Candidate Michael Hinnebusch II Ben Weitzel
Popular vote 5 4
Percentage 56% 44%

Prime Minister before election

Michael Hinnebusch II

Elected Prime Minister

Michael Hinnebusch II

The 2015 Mallanorian National Election was the first election in the history of Mallanor, and it was held on 18 April 2015. Michael Hinnebusch II was elected as Prime Minister for another term.


At the foundation of Mallanor on 28 April 2014, Michael Hinnebusch II was appointed as Prime Minister. With the writing of Royal Edict RE-S-001-A/B, which organized the Mallanorian government, King Connor I declared that there would be a national election on the third Saturday of April, which was the 18th.


The two candidates for the 2015 election were approved by King Connor I when they expressed interest in the position. In November 2014, the incumbent Prime Minister, Michael Hinnebusch II, announced that he would be running for reelection in the next election. Ben Weitzel announced that he would be running for the position in January 2015.

Michael Hinnebusch II

Michael Hinnebusch II was a childhood friend of King Connor, which led to his appointment as Prime Minister when he founded the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor

Ben Weitzel

Ben Weitzel is a friend of King Connor, and he was officially registered as a citizen in November 2014. He expressed his interest in the position of Prime Minister in January 2015.


Voting began at 10:00 PM EDT on the 17th, and concluded at 3:00 AM EDT on the 19th. After this, there was a tie, so King Connor extended the time to midnight on the 20th.


The incumbent Prime Minister, Michael Hinnebusch II was elected over Ben Weitzel, in a vote of 5-4.