Madison Swimmer

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Madison Swimmer
Common Depiction of Madison Swimmer
General of the Norish Military
Appointed office
19 September 2019
Predecessor HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 2006
Florida, United States of America
Citizenship US Flag.png United States of America
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire
Nationality US Flag.png American
Political party Independent
Other political
Democratic Party (USA)
Religion Christianity

Madison Swimmer is an Norish soldier from the United States of America. Madison Swimmer began her military career in the Norfolk Empire in September 2019 and is currently the General of the Norish Military.

Politically, Madison Swimmerh micronationally identifies with the Independent Party and the Democratic Party of the United States of America. Overall, she considers herself to be a Liberal.

Seyboldish Political Career

On 19 September 2019, the second citizen of the Norfolk Empire to fall under the Abroad Citizenship Act, or the ACA, joined the Norfolk Empire. The sitting Monarch, which would be HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I, is in charge of approving all new citizens, according to the constitution of the Norfolk Empire. The first new citizen under the ACA of the Norfolk Empire, also the thirteenth citizen of the Norfolk Empire, is an American citizen named Madison Swimmer, who is new in the world of micronationalism. The reason Madison Swimmer joined the Norfolk Empire was that she had been appointed as the new General of the Norfolk Empire. Madison Baker was the replacement of Fmr. General Max Joseph and the current interim General HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I. General Madison Swimmer was officially appointed to the Office of the General on 19 September at 12 A.M. GMT-4

Personal life

Outside of micronationalism, Madison Swimmer is a Middle School Student in Florida and enjoys Harry Potter, Swimming, and the English Language.