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Kingdom of Mistak

Royaume de Mistak (w:French|French)

Motto: Live off the Land
Capital Deerhurst
Largest settlement Nova Portland
Official languages English, French
Ethnic groups Mistakians. Americans, Canadians
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Mistakian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
National Flag of the Kingdom of MIstak
Legislature People's Board of Mistak
Population: 4
March 2015



The flag was created in 2017 by the Sir Archie The 6th.


The flag was inspired by the Norwegian flag and uses a similar coat of arms as Canada.


The blue background represents the sea and the justice of the kingdom. The green represents the land and prosperity of the nation. The white represents the snow and the peace of the kingdom. The Canadian and the old regional flag of New England represent the history of the kingdom and where the nation is situated. The coat of arms contains a British crown as it represents the deep roots the nation has to it's past. On either side of the coat of arms contains a royal lion and a unicorn representing Britain and Scotland respectively. In the middle, there is the original Maine flag from 1909 representing where the kingdom is from and where it started. On the bottom, there are leaves representing the forests of the land and blueberries representing the kingdom's main staple. To finish off the flag is the banner with the words New England representing where the nation proudly is from.

Old Flags

Republic of Farmia

The flag contains a a light blue field representing the sky and the water of the republic. The light green stalks represent the nations dependence on and the symbol of the national plant sugarcane. The brown band on the bottom represents the soil of nation and the prosperity of the nation.

Technocratic Republic of Farmia

The flag contains a white background representing prosperity. The orange and yellow represent the technological advancements of the nation.

Communist Peoples Republic of Mistak