MIHF Ice Hockey World Cup

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The Micro World Cup of Ice Hockey is a micronational ice hockey event organized by the Micronational Ice Hockey Federation. It began in 2016 in the People's Republic of Schykille in which they won in 2016 and in 2017 hosted in the Ratchet Sangheili Socialist Republic in the Sangheili Union; winning against the Republic of Smithville and Socialist Republic of Germax respectively. Schykille remains as world champions. The next world cup will be hosted in 2018 in Germax; 2019 in Freeland; and 2020 in the Union of People's Nations (consisting of Schykille, Germax, the Sangheili Union, and Bonosia)


Year Host Nation Host City(s) Teams Winner Runner Up Semi Finalists
2016 Schykille.png Schykille PR Schuykille Haven, Reading and Altoona 24 Schykille.png Schykille PR Smithville Sangheili SFSR.png Sangheilios SFSR and Brick Squad SSR .jpg Delmarva
2017 Ratchet SSR Wildwood 33 Schykille.png Schykille PR Germax Flag.jpg Germax PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland and Persico-Flag.jpg Persico
2018 Germax Flag.jpg Germax Parisgrad
2019 Persico-Flag.jpg Persico
2020 Germax Flag.jpgSchykille.pngDd6cizz3.jpg Union of People's Nations
2021 PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland Viten, Opolla, Oslovia