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Lyteran Nationalist Party

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The Lyteran Nationalist Party, or LNP for short, is a far-right political party in Lytera.

Lyteran Nationalist Party
DE: Lyteran Nationalistische Partei
PY: Literan Natsionalisticheskaya partiya
JP: Ieteran Kokumintō
LeaderDuke Robert
SloganOne people, one country
Founded15 February 2020
HeadquartersLeamsbury, Lytera
Political positionFar Right
Official colors     Red
Parliament Seats
1 / 11
Council Seats
1 / 11

The party was formed on the 15th of February, and, according to it's creator, based off policies from the Brexit Party, UKIP and the BUF. According to Duke Robert, party founder, Lytera is far too left wing and soft, and that 'back in the good old days' the world was better off. Duke Robert has quoted both Mussolini and Oswald Mosley in his statements in regards to modern issues, namely the EU, Immigration crisis and globalism.

The party argues for an isolationist stance, traditionalism and the monarchy. It is anti-LGBT, and anti-immigration.

LNP Party Leaders

LNP Leaders
Name Portrait Country of birth Periods in office
Duke Robert   United Kingdom 2019-Present