Lyteran Lyira

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The Lyira (Lie-ra) is the currency unit of the Kingdom of Lytera. The currency was created in 2018 as a mere idea, and only came into production in August, with the design process starting in June.

Lyteran Lyira
The ½ Lyira
Official usersLytera flag.pngKingdom of Lytera
Pegged to1.00 Pound
SymbolLYI (ȴ)
PrinterImperial Treasury

All the Banknotes show significant figures and locations of Lytera. The currency is valued as 75% of the British Pound in value, though due to Brexit it may instead be peggd to the dollar or euro in the future. The lowest note, the ½ Note is worth 38 pence in Pounds. The most noticeable shared feature is a picture of the current monarch, who, as of 2019, is HHRH King Alexander


The idea for a currency first appeared in Lytera's early history, where a planned shared currency between it and The Republic of Clubhausia was considered. The plans fell through after the Great Ruislip War however, and Lytera stuck with using the Pound, Ideas for a currency then circulated again in 2018, during the anniversary of the Civil War. The currency was planned for a 2019 release, with work beginning on it's design in June of 2019. On August 10th, the currency came into circulation, the same day the designs were first shown.


Original Series

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Description
  ½ȴ 11.69 x 4.97 cm Moss Green The Capital, St. Cavendish.
  11.69 x 4.97 cm Purple Portrait of the former King, Duke Matthew.
  11.69 x 4.97 cm Cyan The Clubhaus Memorial Ground, an important location in Lytera's early history as the capital of Clubhausia, a nation Lytera was in a personal union with. The ruins are now a Lyteran Site of Cultural Significance.
  11.69 x 4.97 cm Red Botwulf, also known as Saint Botolph, patron saint of Lytera and of travellers.
  10ȴ 11.69 x 4.97 cm Orange The Imperial Royal Gardens after The Lyteran War of the Crown
  15ȴ 11.69 x 4.97 cm Lime Green HHRH King Alexander as Rooster in Annie, 2014.
  20ȴ 7.28 x 16.99 cm Sea Foam Green Bailey, the Countess of Cavendish
  50ȴ 7.28 x 16.99 cm Prussian Blue Mt. Fuji, a mountain in Japan linked closely to Lyteran Mythology.
  100ȴ 7.28 x 16.99 cm Skin Peach High Regent Marion, Regent of Lytera, the first official monarch in Lytera.

Exchange Rate

Year  USD Exchange rate  GBP Exchange rate  EUR Exchange rate 25pxJPY Exchange rate  CAD Exchange rate  TWD Exchange rate  RUB Exchange rate  INR Exchange rate
2019 $ 1.20 £ 1.00 € 1.07 ¥ 128 CA$ 1.59 NT$ 38 ₽ 79 ₹ 85
Jan 2020 $ 0.98 £ 0.75 € 0.88 ¥ 107 CA$ 1.28 NT$ 29 ₽ 60 ₹ 70

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