Lyteran Democratic Alliance

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Lyteran Democratic Alliance
DE: Lyteran Demokratische Allianz
PY: Literan Demokraticheskiy al'yans
JP: Ieteran Minshu dōmei
LeaderDuke Matthew
SloganDon't just hope for a better life, vote for one
Founded15 February 2020
HeadquartersMooreshire, Lytera
Political positionCentre-right
Official colors     Baby Blue
Parliament Seats
2 / 11
Council Seats
1 / 11

The Lyteran Democratic Alliance or LDA for short, is a political party in Lytera.

The party was formed on the 15th of February to act as a conservative-style party in the vein of how Thatcher ran the Conservative party of the UK in the 1980s. According to Duke Matthew, party founder, the policies of the LDA are to make Lytera a more constitutional monarchy, with power held by those elected. While Matthew holds a seat on the council, he is acting as a Royalist until the election begins.

LDA Party Leaders

LDA Leaders
Name Portrait Country of birth Periods in office
Duke Matthew KIngMatthewLytera.png United Kingdom 2019-Present