Lygonian Yen

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Lygonian Yen
NicknameCOVID Dollars
Unofficial user(s)Commune of Roosevelt

image1pegged_toimage2name of currencysubunitcentral_bankbanknotescoinscodeofficial_usersThe Lygonian Yen (sign: M₣; code: MEN) is the official currency of the Principality of Misberia and the Free State of Uris, the Lygonian Yen is managed, distributed, and printed by the Fourth Misberian National Bank.


The Lygonian Yen was first announced in 2018 after the formation of the Federation of Mistak-Timberia, the currency remained in use virtually until Misberia joined the Aspen- Misberian Empire. Following the departure of Misberia from the Aspen-Misberian Empire a month later, the Misberian Krone was announced with it becoming the first Misberian bank notes to be printed and used in a real world setting. Following the announcement of the Kingdom of Misberia and Caloudonoum the Krone was made obsolete and the Misberian Dollar was announced as the currency for the nation. In March 2020 when Misberia reformed into the Directive of Misberia all national currencies were abolished. When the New England Sector was formed the New England Sector Confier was established with Grand Duchy of Liangsi as the joint currency for the New England Sector. In December 2020, there was calls for a Misberian specific currency, the Misberian Franc was announced for its return alongside the New England Sector Confier. The Misberian Franc was announced with official designs under the Cutler Series on the 25th of January 2021. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic all Misberian banknotes have been banned from being in circulation given the unknown properties of COVID-19. When the Misberian Confederacy dissolved, the Misberian Franc was declared defunct.


The Fourth National Bank of Misberia recognized all former Misberian bank notes as legal tender, the current series of notes recognized by the bank and were in circulation are:


Name Series Announced Status Notes
Recognized Legal Tender
Misberian Franc Colonial Series (2018)

Cutler Series (2021)

2018, 2021 Defunct First introduced in Federation of Mistak-Timberia
Misberian Krone Freedom Series (2019) 2019 First introduced in Third Republic of Misberia
Misberian Dollar Union Series 1 (2019)

Union Series 2 (2020)

2019, 2020 First introduced in UK of Misberia and Caloudonoum
NES Confier New England Series (2020) 2020 First introduced in Directive of Misberia
Lygonian Yen Maine Weeb Series (2021) 2021 Active First introduced in the Damariscotta

Exchange Rate


Year 1920px-Flag of the United States.svg.png USD Flag of the United Kingdom.png GBP Flag of the EU.png EUR Flag of Japan.svg JPY Flag of Canada.png CAD Flag of Taiwan.png TWD Flag of Russia.png RUB Flag of India.png INR w:Australia AUD w:China CYN w:Kuwait KWD
2021 $ 0.10 £ 0.07 € 0.08 ¥ 10.00 $ 0.13 NT $2.80 ₽ 7.50 ₹ 7.29 $ 0.13 ¥ 0.65 د.ك 0.030


Year Antonian Empire.png ANR Molossia flag.png VAL PlushuniaFlag2.png PUB Essexian reich.png EXY Lytera flag.png LYI Flag of Gradonia.svg GOD Uberflag.jpg UBU New Eiffel Flag.jpeg NEP Uskor flag.png ZLC Wyvern Flag.svg KWK New England Sector Flag.png NES
2021 $ 0.09 $ 0.08 B 40.2 ¥ 0.07 ȴ 0.07 Đ 1.25 Ü 4.25 ℕ 83.3 Cr 0.13 WK 0.06 C 1.00