Lurnex Civil War

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Lurnex Civil War
Date7th April - Now
Result tied

Lurnex First

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party

  • Military Division Alpha team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military Division Bravo team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military division Charlie team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Sucaflese military Flag33333333333 (2).png
Commanders and leaders

Lurnex First Leaders

  • Hamish Smith D6F399D9-7EBA-4E9D-B6FC-FC0768103EC6.jpeg
  • Thomas El-Tegani
  • Marko I Markoslavempireflag.png
  • Abdullah Mifusda Owhil Flag.png

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party Leaders

  • Finn Sullivan E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Jon Stone E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Gregory Sigurd-Son Flag33333333333 (2).png
  • Alexander Smith E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg

The Lurnex Civil War is a war on-going inside the Republic Of Lurnex. Right wing Fascists faught against the left wing leaning anti-fascists. Hamish Smith led Fascist party Lurnex First in alliance with Markoslavia, Owhil, The Imperial Xinaing Empire and The TamTamweed Militia. Alexander Smith led the anti-fascist party titled Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party. The anti-fascist party were in alliance with the Sucaflese Military of Sucon. The civil war was started due to Alexander Smith's hatred for Fascism after being exiled from leader of Lurnex.


Battle of Dochbury fields

Anti-Fascist soldiers set up outside Dochbury in attempt to surprise Lurnex First soldiers. On the 14th of April 2019 the Anti-Fascist soldiers surprise attacked the Lurnex First military. 23 minutes after the attack started Lurnex First called to the aid of nearby Owhil soldiers. When they arrived the Anti-Fascists were immediately outnumbered. The Fascists decided to start an offensive attack and circle the Anti-Fascists into their set-up camp. The remaining troops were taken hostage and the Anti-Fascists were defeated.