Lurnex Civil War

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Lurnex Civil War
Date7th April - Now
Result tied

Lurnex First

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party

  • Military Division Alpha team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military Division Bravo team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military division Charlie team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Sucaflese military Flag33333333333 (2).png
Commanders and leaders

Lurnex First Leaders

  • Hamish Smith D6F399D9-7EBA-4E9D-B6FC-FC0768103EC6.jpeg
  • Thomas El-Tegani
  • Marko I Markoslavempireflag.png
  • Abdullah Mifusda Owhil Flag.png

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party Leaders

  • Finn Sullivan E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Jon Stone E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Gregory Sigurd-Son Flag33333333333 (2).png
  • Alexander Smith E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg

The Lurnex Civil War is a war on-going inside the Republic Of Lurnex. Right wing Fascists faught against the left wing leaning anti-fascists. Hamish Smith led Fascist party Lurnex First in alliance with Markoslavia, Owhil, The Imperial Xinaing Empire and The TamTamweed Militia. Alexander Smith led the anti-fascist party titled Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party. The anti-fascist party were in alliance with the Sucaflese Military of Sucon. The civil war was started due to Alexander Smith's hatred for Fascism after being exiled from leader of Lurnex.