Lurnex Civil War

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Lurnex Civil War
Date7th April - 30th April

Lurnex First victory

  • Victory for Hamish smith
  • Communism Banned
  • Fascism is the enofrced ideology

Lurnex First

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party

  • Military Division Alpha team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military Division Bravo team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Military division Charlie team two E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Sucaflese military Flag33333333333 (2).png
Commanders and leaders

Lurnex First Leaders

  • Hamish Smith D6F399D9-7EBA-4E9D-B6FC-FC0768103EC6.jpeg
  • Thomas El-Tegani
  • Marko I Markoslavempireflag.png
  • Abdullah Mifusda Owhil Flag.png

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party Leaders

  • Finn Sullivan E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Jon Stone E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg
  • Gregory Sigurd-Son Flag33333333333 (2).png
  • Alexander Smith E35C74EE-3EEA-4D68-8B2D-379EE420AE2E.jpeg


The Lurnex Civil War is a war between the Lurnex First Fascist party and the Lurnex Anti-Fascist party. After Hamish Smith took over Lurnex as a fascist dictator. Alexander Smith fled to the Kingdom of Tarvit. As he was content as head of council in Tarvit until he heard of the news that Hamish Smith had banned the 2 rival political parties. Alexander reached out to Finn Sullivan (Communist) and Jon Stone (democratic) and requested they joined forces to create the Anti-fascist party. When word got out Hamish was furious and made the party illegal. On 06/4/2019 Alexander started preparing for a potential Civil War. Hamish heard of this and began doing the same. And on 07/4/2019 the Lurnex First party declared war on the Lurnex Anti-Fascist party. The military was split into fascist and non-fascist supporters. The Anti-Fascist party called in the help of Sucon while Lurnex First called in Owhil and militia group The TamTamweed Militia. A few hours later Markoslavia joined the war in favour of Lurnex First. Then on the stroke of midnight The Imperial Xinaing Empire joined the war also in favour of the Lurnex First.