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*Military Division Charlie team one
*Military Division Charlie team one
*[[Markoslavia]] Military
*[[Markoslavia]] Military
*[[imperial Xinaing]] Military
*[[The Imperial Xinaing Empire]] Military
*[[Owhil]] Military
*[[Owhil]] Military

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Lurnexian Civil War
Date7th March - 30th March

Lurnex First victory

  • Victory for Hamish smith
  • Communism Banned
  • Fascism is the enofrced ideology

Lurnex First

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party

  • Military Division Alpha team two
  • Military Division Bravo team two
  • Military division Charlie team two
  • Sucaflese military
Commanders and leaders

Lurnex First Leaders

  • Hamish Smith
  • Thomas El-Tegani
  • Marko I
  • Abdullah Ba Mifusda

Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party Leaders

  • finn SUllivan
  • Jon Stone
  • Gregory Sigurd-Son
  • Alexander Smith