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Flag of the LurkSAR.pngLurkcoa.png

Latin : Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria.
Anthem of LurkSAR
Prague, Czech Republic
Capital cityLuxor City
Largest cityLuxor City
Official language(s)English, Czech, Aerian
- GovernorMatthew Burklandssen
Established25. June 2011
Area claimed60 km² (approx)
Population8 citizens
CurrencyLurk Koruna (Czech Koruna accepted)
Time zoneCET

Website Website in process of reorganisation

LurkSAR was a short-lived nation in the Lurkish area. It ceased to exist in a day, and was reformed into Lurk Republic.

LurkSAR was re-created when Lurk was federalized into Lurk Federation. It was the most important republic of the Lurk Federation, with the most important territory being Luxor City , second largest city in the federation and the Lurk Hills, the cultural center. Most of industry as located in this area and the Great Assembly was located here. It was disestablished when Lurk joined the United Provinces of Utopia in Spring of 2012. It was considered to reestablish it in the Noble Republic of Lurk, but Oblasts and Krajs were adopted instead of republics.