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The Democratic Republic of Lunár (or Lunár for short) was established on 23 July 2020 by some of Baranese citizens and a ex-FC Zrno coach and Co-Founder O.B.

Democratic Republic of Lunár EN
Demokratická republika Lunár SK

Niu [a]
Men at Work-Down Under
Bratislava, Slovakia and Fiji
Capital cityPugliany
Largest cityPugliany
Official language(s)Slovak
Official religion(s)Breadism
Short nameLunár
- PresidentO.B.
- Prime MinisterK.Č.
- Congress PresidentTily the Pug
Established23 July 2020
Area claimed15,73 km
Time zone+1 UTC and +12 UTC
Internet TLD.lun
National sportExtreme ironing
National dishspinach pizza
National drinkcoconut milk
National animalPug


On 23. 7. 2020, the Democratic Republic of Lunár was established by its President O.B., its Prime Minister K.Č. and its Congress President Tily the Pug.


The territory of the country is in Bratislava and Fiji. Current population is 6. National sport is extreme ironing. Representant of the country is K.Č. The main broadcast company is TV LUN. The national symbol of the country is a pug. The flag is currently a Bread Roll. The religion is Breadism. 97% of population profess it.


  1. Coconut in Fijiian.