Lucas Daniel

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Lucas Daniel is the current Duke of the Duchy of Primeria, part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. He joined micronationalism with the founding of the Duchy of Primeria and he is currently active in it and the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon.

Duke Lucas of the Duchy of Primeria

Lucas Daniel
Duke of the Duchy of Primeria
Assumed office
12 October 2020
Sovereign of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon Carson Snyder
Predecessor Throne established
Personal information
Born 3 March 2004 (2004-03-03) (age 17)
Toledo, Ohio
Birth name Lucas Daniel
Citizenship United States
Northwood-oregon (2).svg Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
Nationality American
Residence Duchy of Primeria, Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
Religion Presbyterian

Micronational Career

Lucas began his micronational career after being invited to the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon by Carson Snyder and founding the Duchy of Primeria.

Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

In the Kingdom, Lucas founded the Duchy of Primeria on 12 October 2020. He runs a steady duchy and prides himself on providing long-standing stability during his rule.

Current Postisions