Lucas Campos

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Lucas Campos
1st Anax of Koss
Assumed office
19 July 2015 - present
Predecessor office established
Mayor of Arceu
Assumed office
2 June 2012
Governor Luiza Portes
Predecessor Office established
2nd Chairman of the Micronational Press Council
Assumed office
21 January 2013
Predecessor Gordon Freeman
Personal information
Born 5 October 1997
Federative Republic of Brazil
Citizenship Koss
Ethnicity Latino
Residence Palace of Deity

Lucas Campos (born 5 October 1997) is the Anax of Koss. Formely, 3rd First Ambassador of St.Charlie and the last Grand Duke of Koss Campos was the founder of the now defunct Republic of Koss and was also its Secretary of State until its last day in existence. Campos was responsible for the treaties between the Nemkhav Federation and the Republic of Koss; assuming the Presidency of the Republic of Koss in Nemkhavia until it was replaced by the Kossian Authority (in which he was one of the leaders of the Privy Council), and when the monarchy was installed in Koss in the form of a Grand Duchy he rose as the Grand Duke of Koss. He was also the Minister for the Economy for the Nemkhav Federation. On 15 January 2012, he declared independence from the Nemkhav Federation. On 2 March, the Principality of Montriac and the Grand Duchy of Koss merged to form the Kossian Empire, with Campos as the monarch. On 18 April, the Empire was dismantled. He joined St.Charlie on 2 June of 2012. By 2015, St.Charlie had grown largely inactive, rising up a popular movement in Koss, lead by Campos, to break away from St.Charlie and on 19 July, 2015, Koss declared independence, and Campos assumed the position of Anax.

Early life and education

Campos was born in Brazil in 1997, he has lived in the United States and Frace, graduated from the American School of Brasilia in 2015 and currently studied Economics in Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Portugal.


Campos' political compass

Campos always wanted to form a country, he began to look at the attempts made by people, until one day he found out about a new unrecognized country called Sealand, he was amazed by the fact the a place as simple as a "petrol base" could declare independence. He began to search for more so called "micronations", and one thing let to another and he suddenly found himself at the MicroNationsWikia, he was just an observer for a long time (6 months) until he built his first micronation, the Republic of Koss, the Republic lived about a month before joined the Nemkhav Federation.

Seven months after "Nemkhav Koss", Lucas decided to change the form of government of Koss. Lucas passed the Kossian Act, which established the Kossian Provisional Government until the Monarchy was installed on November 13th.


Campos's full style is as follows

The Honourable, Lucas Campos, Anax of Koss, Prince of ArtagheBarony of Accdaccingtonst, Earl of Daskhinet, GMOL, GROJ, GCROB, OBS,KOB

Awards and decorations