Luca Mirante

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Luca Mirante is an Italian micronationalist, student, basketball player, founder and president of the Democratic Republic of Luxe.


  • Luxeflag.svg Vladimir Piasente Vladiricercato.jpg Organized criminality, uprising, corruption, dangerous for the state
Luca Mirante

Preceded by none

Premier of Franci City
In office
May 2018 – Juny 2018
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Francesco Dispenza

General Segretary of U.M.S.
In office
2010 – ---
Preceded by none

In office
2017 – ---

Senator of Damazia
In office
2 January 2019 – May 2019

Director of the Bank of Fabroland
In office
1/08/2019 – ---
Preceded by Fabrizio Bortolotti
Succeeded by ---

Born 2 January 2005
Trento, Italy
Nationality Italian
Political party Partito Democratico Forza Luxe
Other political
Children none
Residence The Presidential Bed, Luxe
Signature [[File:Mirantesignature.png|128px|alt=|Luca Mirante's signature]]
Military service
Allegiance Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Service/branch Reggimento Fionde, Esercito Luxese
Years of service 2014-present
Rank Commander
Awards General, commander

Formation 2014

Partito ForzaLuxe.png Partito Democratico Forza Luxe

Appointed by Government of Luxe

Titles President of the Republic, Knights of the Republic, Major of Luxe, Governator of Luxe


Luca Mirante was born in Trento, Italy in 2005; in 2009 he created Luxe in his room, considering it a city in his region. After several advances in his city, he inquires about micronations and in 2014, he founded the Stato Oligarchico di Luxe declaring himself president. The state saw numerous other people's memberships and many twinnings with other micronations in its area, so it continued to develop its dream until 2016 (in which they declared the second Luxe government, ie Repubblica democratica di Luxe) , when he declared independence from Italy. Relations between the two countries remain the same among the best, sharing areas and exchanging various services. Thanks to him, the Luxese government receives from the Italian administration 10 micronations euro per month. His next step is to definitively establish the constitution of the state and to have a coin company minted. Currently Luca Mirante resides at Luxe and has brought his status to 40 inhabitants with a surface of 55mt2. In 2018 he obtained the citizenship of the Republic of Damazia and in 2019, founding in Damazia the Luxo-Damaziano Democratic Party, and a candidate Senator of Damazia. on 2 January 2019 he was appointed senator of Damazia. The Senate is dissolved in May and removed from office. In 2019, he became parliamentar whit Partito Democratico Forza Luxe and, in the Luxe 2019 Parliamentary Elections his party obtained 5 seats on 10. When he starts to obtain power, he created the Mirante's.


When Luca Mirante starts to has got a lot of companies, he created the Mirante's, a company over all the others:

Diagramma luca.png

Dati militari

StatooligarchicodiLuxe.jpeg Stato oligarchico di Luxe

Grado: Generale

Conflitti combattuti: Prima guerra dell'U.M.S.

Esito: Vinta

Soldati impiegati: 1

Onorificenze militari: Medaglia al soldato ricordato,Medaglia al generale di primo grado Medaglia al generale di secondo grado

Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe

Grado: Comandante

Conflitti combattuti: Sabotaggio informatico ad Angarb, La guerra di due ore

Esiti: Tutti vinti

Soldati impiegati: 6

Onorificenze militari: Medaglia al generale di terzo grado, medaglia al generale di quarto grado.