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{{Infobox official 2
{{Infobox official 2
| name = <small>[[w:Style (form of address)|The Most Dignified]]</small><br>The Countess of Lorencia<br><small>[[Order of the Silver Cat|GCGP]], [[Order of Lady Mary|DDM]]</small>
| name = <small>[[The Most Dignified]]</small><br>The Countess of Lorencia<br><small>[[Order of the Silver Cat|GCGP]], [[Order of Lady Mary|DDM]]</small>
| native name =  
| native name =  
| image = Countess of Lorencia.jpg
| image = Countess of Lorencia.jpg

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The Most Dignified
The Countess of Lorencia
The Countss of Lorencia at her home in 2020
President of Rubrayev
In office
31 December 2017 – 01 January 2019
Predecessor Douglas Dias
Successor Bryan Sturnter
President of the Parliament of Rubrayev
In office
10 April 2011 – 08 January 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Douglas Dias
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
08 January 2014 – 08 January 2015
President Douglas Dias
Predecessor Jonathan Viana
Successor Sophia Figueiredo
Minister of the Kingdom
Assumed office
29 January 2020
Monarch Arthur II of Ebenthal
Predecessor The Marquis of Camaire
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
16 January 2020
Monarch Arthur II
Predecessor The Count of Aldamir
Personal information
Born 31 July 1996 (1996-07-31) (age 24)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg.png Brazilian
Rubrayev 281858.png Rubrayeva
KOEbenthal Flag Test4.png Ebenthali
Ethnicity Brown
Occupation Chemical engineer
Religion Deism

Lady Luísa, Countess of Lorencia (born Luísa Somme de Sant'Anna in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 31 July 1996) is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Ebenthal since her appointment by Premier Raphael Sousa in January 2020. She has been previously a feudal lady in Roschfallen in 2019 and a President of the Federal Republic of Rubrayev from late 2017 to early 2019.

Luísa was born in Rio de Janeiro as only children to a wealthy couple of physicians. She graduated in chemical engineering by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 2011 she was one of the founders of the Federal Republic of Rubrayev, serving as President of the Parliament after won election by the Social-Construtivist Party. She also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and in 2014 was one of the main responsibles for Rubrayev's entrance at the Liberal League. She runned for presidency during the second half of 2017 and won, serving for a 1-year-term, completed in 1st January 2019. As Rubrayev's activity fell, her's eqaully due to studies and work, she relinquished all her roles and eventually was made a landlady in Roschfallen by King Arthur I (under title Countess of Somme) as an attempt to coerce her into help him during the country's most serious crisis. Following Arthur's abdication to take the Ebenthali throne, she was made Countess of Lorencia appointed as his Minister of Foreign Affairs, blater being also appointed as Minister of the Kingdom. Since then, she has been serving as an advisor to the King in matters concerning establishment and relinquishment of relations with countries and Ebenthal's position in the intermicronational world, as well in intermicronational organizations. She is also responsible to support the King and the Premier in matters concerning internal policy, specially infrastructue and law application.


Early life

Luísa Somme de Sant'Anna was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1996, being the only daughter of the late Dr. Ricardo Somme da Silveira to Mrs. Salette Maria Brasil de Sant'Anna. Coming from a wealthy family, her father was a renowned cardiologist physician of the equally renowned St. Lucas Hospital. From birth, she lived in the Leblon neighbourhood, close to present-day Gillisburgh in Ebenthal. She is a second cousin once-removed to King Arthur II of Ebenthal and Armando, Baron of Roches, is her godparent.


In 1998 she joined the country's renowned St. Ignatius College where her father also studied, completing all her basic education there in 2013. The following year she joined the chemical engineering faculty at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, finishing it in 2016. Luísa was then accepted for a postgraduate exchange at the University of Munich, finishing it with praise in 2018.


Following her return to Brazil, Luísa was hired to work in the chemistry laboratory at the University of São Paulo in 2019. She is currently one of the junior manager for the chemistry laboratory and professor of chemistry for high school at Mackenzie College in the city of São Paulo, where she resides.



In 2011, alogn with five school colleagues, Luísa founded the Federal Republic of Rubrayev at the NationStates platform, but the project soon took micronational roots out of the online roleplay. Luísa founded the Social-Construtivist Party and was elected as the first President of the Rubrayevish Parliament until new elections in 2012 when the National Alliance Party won and she was replaced as President of Parliament, serving though as a Parliament Member by the Wisktel Canton. She was subsequently re-elected in 2013 but lost the 2014 elections and was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs by President Douglas Dias on his first term. During her tenure, Rubrayev's activity reached its apex as the country joined the Liberal League along with countries such as Roschfallen, Ebenthal, Harran and Schneeblutig and firstly enrolled in intermicronational and intersectorial relations. Leaving office in 2015 coincided with the fall on Rubrayev's activity. In 2017 she runned for presidency thought, oughting to transform the country into a more female-friendly micronation. She was elected and assumed power from 2018 to 2019, and her term saw the country's ultimate downfall in activity and eventually inactivity following the end of her mandate.

Roschfallen and Ebenthal

Definetely leaving Rubrayev for the micronational inactivity, Luísa was invited by the then King Arthur I of Roschfallen to join that micronation, to which she accepted. As a feudal micronation, she was appointed Countess of Somme and a landlady in Roschfallen. The King wanted her help in deal with the politics as the country was passing through a deep political crisis, but the now Countess was mostly engaged with her personal life and avoided the monarch's approaches. As Arthur abdicated the Roschfallenian throne and became King of Ebenthal in late 2019, in January 2020 he granted her the title of Countess of Lorencia and again pressured here to accept an office alongside him at the Ebenthali Government. Under the King's wishes, Premier Raphael Sousa, the Duke of Sion, appointed Luísa as Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Minister of the Kingdom. She was also made member of the King's Privy Council.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 1 March 2019 – 16 January 2020: Her Excellency The Countess of Somme
  • 16 January 2020 – present: Her Grace The Countess of Lorencia

As an Ebenthali minister, she is to be called as The Most Dignified.


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