Loveland Parliamentary Republic

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Second Loveland Parliamentary Republic (eng)
République parlementaire de Loveland (fr)

Loveland Parliamentary Republic Flag.png

Vive le Lovilend
Capital cityLoveland
Largest cityLoveland
Official language(s)English, French
Official religion(s)All
GovernmentParlimentary Republic
- Prime MinisterLogan Denny
- PresidentVacant
EstablishedMay 13, 2019
Area claimed5 mi²
Population12,770 (2017)
CurrencyRepublican Dollar (LLD)
Time zone([1]) Eastern Standard Time
National sportShow Chior
National animalBoxer Dog


The Loveland Parliamentary Republic's name comes from the city of Loveland, where the nation is located. The town of Loveland is named after James Loveland.



The nation of Loveland existed in many forms before the Parliamentary Republic. The nation first was made as an Empire, founded on January 1, 2017. The Empress was originally elected, there was an election and Lexi of the Lou Dynasty won becoming the Empress. On March 1, 2018 the Empire starting seeing difficulties inside the provinces, several of the province started to dislike the everlasting rule of the Emperor. So on March 1, 2018 5 of the 8 provinces of Loveland declared Independence from the Empire of Loveland. This new Independent nation would become the Republic of Loveland. After 4 hours of this nations independence the Minister of Provencal Affairs, Lucy Mill forged a resignation letter signed by the Empress. This said that the Empress would be removed from power immediately. The forgery wasn't noticed until the Empire had fallen. After Lexi Lou was removed from power the Republic of Loveland would rejoin Loveland. The Republic of Loveland would force The Empire of Loveland to move the capital from Misoolia to Alexinari, this was to show the end of the reign of the Empress. On March 8, 2018 the first Loveland presidential election occured, with Logan Denny winning. Logan Denny would form the Loveland Union which was an alliance but it failed being disbanded 6 days after its founding. Logan Denny's reign came short though because on April 15, 2018 people started to oppose the new leader and start to support a more Imperialist candidate, Levi Denny. 3 out of the 8 province would declare a Civil War and official succeed. The capital of the Empire of Loveland would be set as Missolia. The Empire would win the Civil War. The Empire saw large territorial gains and they would have their first war with the United States. Though the Empire came to a close when Lexi Lou declared Monarchy and became the Queen of Loveland again creating the Kingdom of Loveland on August 20, 2018. The Kingdom saw the First and Second Great Loveland Wars, but then the Kingdom went static, the people started to see the worsening of the health of Lexi Lou. Some people started supporting a different Queen and some people started apposing the Kingdom in all wanting the Republic to regain power. On May 13, 2019 Queen Lexi Lou declared and official abdication from power. Loveland started going crazy, the current government tried to restore order but it was Impossible. So the Parliament re-organized and then declared the end of the Kingdom and the rise of the Parliamentary Republic.

The Start of the Republic

After the creation of the Loveland Parliamentary Republic people started being assigned positions in the government. Lexi Lou was appointed a position in the Parliament along with other people. The Minister of States and Territories was created and the position was given to Lucy Mill a member of the Parlament. The Minister of States and Territories can make states become territories, make territories become states and approve or disapprove proposed states. On May 17, 2019 the Treaty of Downtown Loveland was signed with the Kingdom of Elsen, this marked the official unification of Loveland. The treaty stated that the Kingdom of Elsen would be annexed by the Loveland Parliamentary Republic, but they would not be punished for their beliefes of Elsa being the true Queen of Loveland. This treaty was agreed apon. On June 14, 2019 the Government of Loveland would Pardon the old leader and enemy Levi Denny. "Levi might have hurt us in the past, but we need to honor him now that he is not here anymore." - Lexi Lou.


The Kingdom of Loveland is split up into states, the states are meant to represent the public. The states are lead by representatives which are elected by the people.

Federal States

Flag State Code Capital Pop. Official
Head of state
State of
PHT Dogoria
and Alexanari
0 English
State of
GTO Logoria 0 English


Flag State Code Capital Pop. Official
State of
CBE Claiborne 0 English
State of
MDA Madeira 0 English
State of
Cedar Pillars
CPS Cedaria 0 English

Special States


Flag Territory Code Pop. Official
Territory of
North Loveland
NLV 0 English
Territory of
East Loveland
ELV 0 English

Proposed States

Flag State Code Capital Official
Date Proposed Date Approved/Denied
State of
LBT New Topia English
May 16, 2019 Denied on June 12, 2019.
State of
LEV Levia (Dogoria would be renamed) English
June 19, 2019 Accepted on September 28, 2019.
Territory of
ALX Alexinari English
June 19, 2019 Accepted on September 28, 2019.

History of States and Territories

The original states were Pheasont, Glentoria, North Loveland, and Heights, with the territory of Madeira. On May 16, 2019 the state of North Loveland was downgraded to a Territory. On May 17, 2019 the Heights was downgraded to a Province. Heights Territory is split into the Territory of Claiborne and the Territory of South Heights. On June 19, 2019 the states of the newly annexed Kingdom of Elsen were merged with some of the territories of Loveland and some of the old Elsen territories stayed the same, though these territories are very unorganized. The territories of The Hannah Strip, Cedar Pillars, and East Loveland were incorporated from the old Elsen land on June 23, 2019. On July 2, 2019 The Hannah Strip was annexed by the Madeira Strip. On September 28th, 2019 the States were reorganzied and put into new categories. Also with this change new states were made and some states were shrunken down to a different size. Now instead of having 2 categories, Federal States and Territories, there are seven categories. The first category is the Capital State, this category only has one state in it and that is the Capital State of Alexinari. The second category is Federal States, this category has the states of Pheasont, Glentoria, and East Loveland. The third category is called the Duchy States, these states have some autonomy being ruled by princes and the princes being able to be apart of the Lovelandian government and vote on acts, these starts are Madeira, Claiborne, and Cedar Pillars. The next category is the Highly Autonomous Kingdom States, this category only has one state in it and that is the state of Elsenia, this state has very high autonomy and is able to have their own government and have their own laws while also needing to send a representative to the Lovelandian Parliament. The next category is Organized Territories this category only has one state in it and that is the territory of North Loveland, North Loveland is special because of how large it is, they get to send a representative to the Lovelandian Parliament, the borders of North Loveland are constantly changing so they are in this special category. The next category is Unorganized Territories, this category has 2 territories in it, these territories are the Phillips Strip, and the Hannah Strip. They are in this category because they are not going to be here for that long and they are so small that they do not matter in the government. The final category also only has one state and this category is Monument States, the only state in this category is the state of Levi. This state is special because their borders can not be changed without a public vote and they are not allowed to leave the union at any time.

Government and Politics

Loveland is a federal, parliamentary republic with elections ever 4 months. The Head of the Government, or Prime Minister, is an elected position that is also elected every 4 months.


The Prime Minister is the head of state of the Republic, the Prime Minister has the responsibilities of passing bills and laws. The Prime Minister needs to get over 50% approval from the Parliament to approve a bill.


  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Domestic Affairs
  • Minister of Culture
  • Minister of States and Territories

Foreign Relations

The Foreign Relations is managed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Foreign Affairs can give informal recognition but it takes a 50% approval vote by the Parliament to make the recognition official.

The Kingdom of East Loveland is an enemy of Loveland because the Republic of Loveland lay claim to their land.

Elections and political parties

General Election are held every 4 months with all citizens being able to vote. There are 4 general elections each year.

Political Parties are rare at the moment in Loveland history. There are currently no political parties.


The Parliamentary Government is made up of Parliament Members. The Parliament Members are appointed by the President of Loveland but every 2 months there is a vote if someone needs to be removed. At the end of every full term (4 months) all Parliament members are stripped of their role in the Parliament.


The Military of Loveland is currently in reserves and are mostly used for services and parades. There are currently no Military ranks that are in power but they can be assigned by the President.