Lord Hasan Çakar

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Hasan Çakar is a Hasani politician, military officers and intellectual, credited as being the founder of Hasanistan. Çakar has served as the head of state and head of government of Hasanistan various times since its foundation and has also held various other government positions in other countries.

Political career

Government positions held

Office Term start Term end Notes
Hasanistan.png Hasanistan
President 11 August 2016 14 October 2016
Supreme Leader
(as head of state)
7 September 2011 10 June 2013
Supreme Leader
(as head of government)
10 June 2013 25 August 2014
Prime Minister 18 June 2017 2 August 2017
Provisional Chairman 12 May 2017 16 June 2017
Flag of Pavlov.jpg Pavlov
Minister of Finance 14 July 2016 12 October 2016
Minister of Internal Affairs 12 October 2016 4 February 2017
Commander of the Oprichnina 4 February 2017 Unknown

Electoral history