Lord Admiral Eren Lewis

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Jacob Lewis
Eren Lewis
His Majesty,Tsar of New Elmhurst, King of New Prussia, Emperor and Aristocrat of all New Elmhurst

Tsar of New Elmhurst
Reign September 1st-Present
Coronation To happen
Governing Commissioner of Terentia
Office Created 16 November, 2013
Father Matt Lewis
Mother Melanie Lewis
Born 8 October 1999
Religion Sufi Islam
Monuments Portrait in New Tripoli

Pre-micronational life

Jacob Lewis was born on 8 October 1999 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He has attended many schools in the past, including Erving Elementary, Bernardston Elementary, and PVRS. Even before his involvement with micronationalism he was politically active, forming a local Communist Party in his town. Not many significant things happened before he entered Micronationalism.


Upon discovering micronationalism, he and his friend Ethan formed the Republic of Lewisia. This went through many forms of government, including socialism and monarchy. His current micronation is the Republic of Frieden (German for "peace"), located in north-western Massachusetts. He has been in charge of multiple nations, including Frieden, Stykria, Lewisia, and New Libya. Currently he rules as President of Frieden. He controls most aspects of the Government, but is seen as a Benevolent Dictator, doing so in the interest of the people of the nation. On August 15th, Jacob Lewis disestablished the Islamic Republic of Frieden. In Mid August of 2014, Lewis joined the Ashukov Federation, becoming a member of the National Party. On September 1st, Eren was put in power in the Tsardom of New Elmhurst, becoming the 2nd Tsar of the nation.

Personal life

Lewis has a good amount of friends, some of them engaging in micronationalism. He enjoys sitting with his family, playing football, playing with his pets, and engaging in debates. He is an amateur film-maker, and has written many stories in the past. He likes to write ideological books as well. He attends a charter school in the United States state of Massachusetts.

Micronational citizenship

Lewis currently holds citizenship in Sorrenia and Marksovka, and is a subject of Austenasia. He is the Chairman of the Presidum of Marksovka.

Future aspirations

Jacob hopes to become not only a respected micronationalist, but also a recognised one. He hopes to become a film maker, and to make a motion picture. In the future, he says he wants to travel the world, and see different cultures. He wants to tour the DPRK, and the PRC. He dreams that Frieden will soon be a real recognized nation of the micronational world.

Military career

Jacob Lewis was a General in the Friedenish Defense Force, amd a Colonel in the Friedenish Military. He has seen combat only one time, during the Stealing of the Flag. This was a battle between Stykrian rebels and the then Stykrian Defence Force.He served as Colonel-Field Marshal, which is the highest military position in Frieden. He held complete military authority over all of Frieden. Lewis is also the Tribune of Cohors I Nova Anglia, a Cohors of Legio I Virginia.