Long Live the Grandmother (Party of Pinang)

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Long Live the Grandmother
Viva la Nonna
PresidentEx Archduke
Founded4 August 2018
Membership  (2019)2
IdeologyLiberal Socialism and Left-Wing Souverainism
Political positionSyncretic Politics (2018)
Left-Wing (2019-2020)
Official colors  green
1 / 3
2 / 5
(October 2019)

Long Live the Grandmother (Italian: Viva la Nonna) was a political party of Pinang. The party was known also with its acronym VN. The party was founded on 4 August 2018 by the archduke as Constitutional Party (Italian: Partito Costituzionale) but was also known as PC. The party was renamed to Long Live the Grandmother on 23 November 2019.


The party was formed on 4 August 2018. On 23 November 2019, the party changed its name to Long Live the Grandmother.

Electoral results

As Constitutional Party

Election Popular vote Vote percentage Candidate Affluence
Elections for the president of the Parliament October 2018 1/4 25% The First Archduke 44,4%
Elections for the president of the Parliament February 2019 3/5 60% The First Archduke 55,5%
Elections for the president of the Parliament August 2019 1/5 20% The First Archduke 50%

* (during the elections for the President of the Parliament, during August 2018, December 2018 and February 2019, all the candidates were apart of the Golden Party)