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IndustryGraphic design
FounderManolis Afentoulis
HeadquartersAgiopolis, Mouzilo
Number of locations
OwnerEmmanuel Tsompanoglou
Number of employees

Logoncept (stylized logo ncept*) is a micronational graphic design company that specializes in logo design, brochure design, web design, as well as advertising services. The company offers graphic design and related services to its customers, who are, mostly, micronationalist individuals or companies, parties, organisations et cetera. Logoncept also specializes in heraldry, with many heraldic emblems of several micronations, in particular Mouzeliot ones, being designed by the company. It is based on Agiopolis, the capital city of Mouzilo.


Throughout Logoncept's existance, many designs have been created for various reasons. Some of the most known works of the company, follow:


Heraldic designs