Llonkréyol language

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Llonkréyol (Llonkréyol: Kréyol londaise)) is an abandoned attempt at constructing a language for the Community of Landashir. Llonkréyol's structure and lexis originate from varying sources.



  • Hello: Ëllo
  • Good Morning: Göode-morgcken
  • Good Afternoon/Evening: Göode-nuun
  • Good Night: Göode-nackt
  • Goodbye: Diutrevuu'
  • Thank you: Dankëuu
  • Please: Si-tu-plén
  • Yes: Oui
  • No: Non
  • Help!: Hyylp eck!


Uun = one Dÿÿ = two Tré = three Faar = four Fijv = five Sés = six Sev/ Sep = seven Ojt = eight Neun = nine Dés = ten Dÿÿdi = Twenty (-di = -ty) Huunder = Hundred Cjent = Thousand Miluën = Million


I: Eck, my: Ech, me: Meck You: Tu Your: Tuur It/he/she: Het Its/his/her: Hen They: Thaé Their: Thaén We: Vyy Our: Vyyn

Example text

First Verse of the Windmills of Your Mind (Michel Legrand):
Raunt, sö uun circlet in uun spiral, sö uun rad vec-in uun rad, né’et endn odre beginn dans uun é’et spinnit pshat, sö uun snegbal dien uun monte odre unn carnival bluun, sö uun karosel tha’aam tüurnn kuurnn ringen rond le luun, sö uun clok,s maan aam sjeptjn past le minutn de hen ckop, et le mond aam sö uun apfil, ourln silentment en nop, sö le circleten tu fauck, en la vindmen de tuur laauck.

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