List of political parties in Baránok

The following is the list of political parties in the Federal Republic of Baránok.[a]

Political parties or coalitions active before dissolution of Baránok

Name President Ideology Political spectre Seats in Federal Assembly
Liberal Party T.L. classical liberalism, national liberalism, Pro-Europeanism centre to centre-left
2 / 7
Drunk and Corrupt P.L. political satire, P-B unionism, big tent political middle
2 / 7
Safety and Sport-Social Democracy S.S. liberal conservatism, right-wing populism, Baranese nationalism, militarism, centrism right-wing
0 / 7
Free Baránok K.Č. classical liberalism centre-right
2 / 7
Social Democratic Party Imrich Kvajda social democracy, social liberalism, Imrich Kvajda's thought centre-left
1 / 7
People's Alliance A.H. social liberalism, globalism political middle
0 / 7
For a decent and modern Baránok Oľga Bebečková social liberalism centre-left
1 / 7

Defunct parties or coalitions (also from Połiak-Baránok)

Name President Ideology Political spectre Seats in Kugelschreiber/Federal Parliament/National Council of Połiak
Socialist Party M.B. (last) democratic socialism centre-left Kugelschreiber
3 / 12
People's Alliance A.H. (last) liberal conservatism, green politics political middle Kugelschreiber
6 / 12
Sewer Party collective leadership (last) liberalism, recession centre-right Kugelschreiber
2 / 12
Social Democrats Imrich Kvajda (last) social liberalism, social democracy, populism, Pro-Europeanism centre-left Federal Parliament
3 / 8
Połiak, our nation[b] S.D. (last in Połiak-Baránok, current in Połiak) Połiak minority interests political middle Federal Parliament
2 / 8
National Council of Połiak
4 / 4
Baranese National Party M.B. (last) Baranese minority interests centre-right Federal Parliament
1 / 8
Democratic Party H.K. (last) conservative liberalism centre-right Never participated in elections
Union of the Democratic Left Vacant (last) social liberalism centre-left Never participated in elections
For an ecologic Baránok T.L. green politics political middle Never participated in elections


  1. All data as of 26 January 2021.
  2. Now operating in Połiak.