List of offices of King Cameron I of Ikonia

Cameron I's official Ikonian portrait

King Cameron I has held numerous titles and offices, alongside his current reign as the Ikonian monarch. Each is listed below.

Ikonian titles and offices

Ikonian royalty

Ikonian businesses

Grand Unified Micronational titles and offices

Executive offices in the Grand Unified Micronational

Delegatory offices in the Grand Unified Micronational

Kapresh titles and offices

Kapresh nobility

  •   Lordship of Pyro (13 December 2020 - present)

Kapresh offices

Kapresh political party offices

Paloman titles and offices

Paloman offices

New Virginian titles and offices

New Virginian offices

  •   Iconographer General (11 November 2020 - present)
  •   Burgesses-at-large for Roanoke (8 February 2021 - present)

New Virginian political party offices

Australissian titles and offices

Australissian offices

  •   Prime Minister of Australis (16 January 2021 - 21 February 2021)

Australissian political party offices

Atieran titles and offices

Atieran offices

  •   Chief Justice of Atiera (25 January 2021 - present)

Xian titles and offices

Xian offices

  •   Minister of Justice of Yu-Xia (18 January 2021 - present)

Cycoldian titles and offices

Cycoldian offices

  •   President of the College of Arms of Cycoldia (19 November 2020 - 30 March 2021)

Essexian titles and offices

Essexian offices

Intermicronational heraldic titles and offices