List of micronations in Wyoming

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Wyoming. Note that "N/A" is used in place of info that is missing, unclear, or simply none.

List of active micronations in Wyoming

Flag State Capital Pop.
  Anasite Republic Tortuga Bay 67
  Confederation of Esse Reme 5
  Republic of Surdam Jackson City 16

List of inactive micronations in Wyoming

Flag State Capital Pop.
  Kingdom of St. Castle New Keutschen 5
  The Kingdom of Ooflania N/A N/A
  Kingdom of Madacania Mustang 5
  The Republic (Democratic Republic) Otisburg 43
  Kingdom of Wyoming Kaiburg 18
  Democratic Republic of the Wyoming Peoples Otisburg 40
  Wolfmania Doge City 4
  Zya-Vulturia Baker Territory 3
  Clayicastan Bizcurktidaxtyl 16
  Federal Empire of Aarbaro Federacia City 26
  Formal Republic of Grundyca Nicholis 79

List of defunct micronations in Wyoming

Flag State Capital Pop.
  The Democratic Republic of Parland New Otisburg 9
  Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek Baltisk City 19
  Essian Commonwealth Reme 17