List of micronations in Rhode Island

Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations within the state of Rhode Island.

Map of Rhode Island

List of active micronations in Rhode Island

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
  Reunited Ocean States Tulateville 9 0.142 mi²
  Faltree New Havre 31 Unknown
  Aleunnic Workers' Republic Red Heights 2 Unknown
  Empire of Vulhalin
  Dominion of Passeonkquis
Wasusu 1 (Territorial) Unknown
  Republic of Tueoedeth
Bald Rock Territory
Tueoedeth City 0 (Territorial) Unknown
  Ausverian Volksrepublik
  Reichskommissariat Catainia
Brittany 0 (Territorial) Unknown
  Dominion of British North America
  Croshmior County
  Goddard County
N/A 2 (Territorial) Unknown

List of inactive micronations in Rhode Island

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
  Union of Bristol Mjanfédituða 7 11.7 mi²
  Sovereign Kingdom of Kivinesaar Barakk 21 200 m²
  The Philippines 2 Unknown Unknown Unknown

List of defunct micronations in Rhode Island

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
  Queendom of Aquariana Windexmia 2 Unknown
  United Ocean States Tulateville Unknown Unknown
  Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government Bighorn 5 Unknown
  Blechlin Union Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Republics of The East Coast Unknown Unknown Unknown
  United States of Qucker, also known as Republic of Rhode Island Werti (presumed) 6 (presumed) Unknown
  Echlin Union, later as Echlin Empire Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Eastern UMS Bighorn 16 89.57 acres
  Aleunnic Empire N/A 20 61,000 yd²
  Federal Republic of Vulhalin N/A No official census Unknown
  Wohlstand Vereinigung Shawsburg, New Havre No official census Unknown
  Latalle Monarchy N/A ~6 Unknown
  Kapreburg (Providence Rock) N/A 0 Unknown
  Csardom of Aquariana N/A 1 773.8 m²
  Aleunnic Czardom N/A 0 0.017 km²
  Tzardom of Yeno N/A 4 0.011 km²