List of micronations in Massachusetts

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Below is a list of non-defunct and defunct micronations in the US State of Massachusetts. It should be noted that some micronations in the "non-defunct" section are inactive, and that "N/A" is used when information is unable to be found.

Map of Massachusetts
Massachusetts within the USA

List of non-defunct micronations in Massachusetts

Flag State Capital Pop.
NewMassachusettsFlag.png New Massachusetts Eresamia 356
Noflag.png The Kingdom of Matthew N/A 1
Wehdah New Flag.png Emirate of Wehdah City of New Damascus 10
Leonsle2.png The Grand Duchy of Liangsi Aden 12
Noflag.png West Heald N/A N/A
AspeniaFlag.png Kingdom of Aspenia N/A 7
Noflag.png Union of Bristol Mjanfédituða 7
Noflag.png Republic of Bakerland Castlerock City N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Zevar Mjanfédituða 3
Swagflagswag.png U+26F9 N/A N/A
Flag of silver lake.png Grand Duchy of Silver Lake Silver Lake 4
KorpaneseFlag.png Korpan Tirrell City 7
FlagOfTheKingdom.png Kingdom of the Green River Green City 2,383
KNA Flag.png Novanglia New Gettysburg 80
Flag of the Kingdom of the Spiral.png Bellumist Nation Green City 5
Flag of Amager.png Commonwealth of Havnesgade-Amager Koningswyk N/A
AynvaulImperialFlag.png Aynvaul Imperial Government N/A ~8
Flag of wildflower.png Wildflower Empire Hyacinth 18
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Reunited Ocean States Tuja 26

List of defunct micronations in Massachusetts

Flag State Capital Pop.
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.56.04 PM.png Islamic Republic of Frieden New New Tripoli 24
SU.jpg Empire of New America Farmhouse 5
ShahadaFlag.png The Khilafah City of New Damascus 10
Flag of Greenfield.jpg Emirate of Greenfield Greenfield 3
Flag of Greenfield.jpg Republic of Greenfield Greenfield 6
Ottoman flag.svg.png New Ottoman Empire New Constantinople N/A
New Elmhurst September 14th Flag.jpg Republic of New Elmhurst Lewis City 410
JuneNewElmhurstFlag.png United Kingdom of New Elmhurst Lewis City 13
EresamianFlag2.png Student's State of Eresamia The High School 356
Flag of Terrexa.jpg Commonwealth of Terrexa Arenso 7
Noflag.png Timberia Timber N/A
Noflag.png Caermont and Metacomet Williamsburg 25