List of micronations in Maryland

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Maryland. Note that "N/A" is often used when information is missing, unclear, or simply listed as none.

List of active micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
30px Abeldane Empire Kaiserstadt 51
Pacemflag.svg State of Pacem Nekut 7
Noflag.png New Ruthenia N/A >2

List of inactive micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of Natlin.svg United Provinces of Natlin Wasusu N/A
Noflag.png The Republic of Aetheria Neropoli 29
IPhone image 2015-5-21-1434937442871 0.jpg Conculius N/A 6
VerusFlag2.png Kingdom of Verus Etresympa 31
FortulawlFlagOct2013.png Republic of Fortulawl New Market N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Trénois Trénoî N/A

List of defunct micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of Seraya.jpg Sovereign Principality of Seraya N/A ~70
Noflag.png Arian Empire N/A N/A
Vulhalin.png Federal Republic of Vulhalin N/A N/A
FlagofOblivia.png Kingdom of Oblivia Oblivia City N/A
Flag Canton New Scireland.png Canton of New Scireland Castle Hesperus 4
Flag of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic.png Nedlandic Autonomous Republic Palazzo ~60
Flag of the Soviet Union.png Soviet Republic of North America Bratton 300+
FlagofSandus(old).png People's Democratic Republic of Sandus Central Administrative District 7
Flag of New Scireland.png New Scireland (former state) Castle Hesperus 4
Francisville Flag 2008.png Federal Republic of Francisville Kirkburgh 14
Flag of Aarbaro.png Federal Empire of Aarbaro Federacia City 26