List of micronations in Maryland

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Maryland.

List of active micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
Veqlar flag.svg Kingdom of Veqlar Vulpes 1
Noflag.png New Ruthenia N/A >2
Tusmoreflag.png Kingdom of Tusmore Pacem N/A

List of inactive micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of Natlin.svg United Provinces of Natlin Wasusu N/A
Pacemflag.png Kingdom of Pacem/fé Town of Carnegi N/A
Noflag.png The Republic of Aetheria Neropoli 29
IPhone image 2015-5-21-1434937442871 0.jpg Conculius N/A 6
VerusFlag2.png Kingdom of Verus Etresympa 31
FortulawlFlagOct2013.png Republic of Fortulawl New Market N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Trénois Trénoî N/A
Flag of Aarbaro.png Federal Empire of Aarbaro Federacia City 26

List of defunct micronations in Maryland

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of Seraya.jpg Sovereign Principality of Seraya N/A ~70
Noflag.png Arian Empire N/A N/A
Vulhalin.png Federal Republic of Vulhalin N/A N/A
FlagofOblivia.png Kingdom of Oblivia Oblivia City N/A
Flag Canton New Scireland.png Canton of New Scireland Castle Hesperus 4
Flag of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic.png Nedlandic Autonomous Republic Palazzo ~60