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|[[File:Menders-flag.png|25px]] [[Mendersia]]
|[[File:Vlajka KM.svg|25px]] [[Mendersia]]
|0,202 sqkm
|0.001247 km² (0.000481 sq mi)
|elementary school and gymnasium Žatec and Sand Mountain , Czech Republic
|house in Žatec, Czech Republic
|0,5482 km²
|[[File:Mendersia (orthographic projection).png|200px]]
|Conservationist Union of [[Vivannia]]
|Conservationist Union of [[Vivannia]]

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Note: This is only for real territorial claims, not invented land. Add your nation to the list in order of area, largest first. Area given in square miles. For those unfamiliar with Imperial measurements, 1 square kilometer is roughly equal to 0.386 square miles.

Name of micronation

Area in kilometers (km²) (5 d.p.)




Federal Republic of New Potato Land 2,266,428.67 km² Lincoln, Nebraska, USA + Antarctic claims Map of recognised land claims in Antarctica including New Potato Land. Map Antarctic.jpg
Japireus Nation 898,931.01 km2 Antarctic claims, small sections of Ireland, Southern shore of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, pockets around Tokyo, sections in Eastern USA A relatively peaceful unitary state that is a collection of territories scattered across various continents intent on honoring old traditions and creating a better world environmentally or otherwise
Usian Republic 622,420 Bir Tawil, Africa; Marie-Byrd-Land, Antarctica; Various other territories
Kingdom of Lakthia 458,509 km² (177,031 sq mi) Subantarctic islands, Terre Adélie, Scattered islands and Geyser bank Lakthia is a peaceful and ecologist state in the Southern Lands, the country is made of thousands of islands in the Austral Ocean Aera.
Federal Kingdom of Zukeland 130,000 Antarctic Peninsula, Ellsworth Land, South Shetland Islands, South Orkney Islands, and minor outlying islands and territories Maintains territory in four continents, although the vast majority is within Antarctica.
Republic of South Maudlandia 98,335 Southern part of Queen Maud Land ~254,686 km²
Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali 94,361 km2 East of South Africa KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.svg.png
Imperial Grand Duchy of Renmarchesia 62,039.85 Austria, Slovenia, Croatia 160,725km2 Map of Renmarchesia.jpg
Woodland Patchwork 16,000 mi2 or 41,440 km2 Japan Woodland Patchwork within Japan - Territory marked in Red, Orange and Yellow (7 Territories, 1 Capital) Map of Woodland Patchwork.png
Aleutian Islands 36,560 km² Aleutian West Census Area, and Unimak Island provinces and territories of the Aleutian Islands Aleutian Islands Map2.png
Kingdom of Sorrenia 28,000 Northern England Divided into 19 counties which collectively make up all of Northern England MapofSorrenia.png
Kingdom of Sycamore 13497.359 Continent of Australia 34,958km2 Sycamoreanterritory4.PNG
Kingdom of Poulo Wai 15,625 Gulf of Thailand 2 Islands, 4 Districts Poulowaimap4.png
Negaunee Republic 14 440 North America 3 states, 1 Capital District 2016-07-17 (5).png
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis 5782.28 Siple Island, Carney Island, Maher Island, Cherry Island, Pranke Island >14980km2
United Democratic Republic of Mackinac 5 703 North America 11 Townships, 2 Territories, 1 Capital District (Mackinac Townships act like American states) 2016-07-17 (3).png
North Jackia 2929,76 Scotland, England, Rockall, Kerguelen Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands Made up of Islands. Some of which are still disputed North Jackian Territories.png
Republic of Asassin 2685 Km² Bandung, Oecussi-Ambeno, Spratly Island, and other. Have 5 States, 7 Depedention Teritorry, and one territory in antartica
Kingdom of Africa 2060 Km² Bir Tawil Map of the Kingdom of Africa Map of Bir tawil.png
Free State of Bir Tawil 2000 km² Bir tawil Map of the United free state.
Map of Bir tawil.png
Republic of Bombardos 1678.31 km² The Inagua Islands Bombardos Inagua.png
Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan 1069 Hillsborough County East of Tampa, Florida
Socialist United Republic of Ünie 201.32 Zimbabwe
Islamic Emirate of Acre 196 Northern Israel, the Levant Claim divided into seven districts located around the Haifa Bay Acremap.png
Mekniy 136.533 Europe, North America 353.62 km2 Prefektury.png
Principality of New Eiffel 82.761 Europe
Duchy of Batavia 70.00 Europe BataviaMap.png
United States of Akkerman 36.48 Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy raion, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine, Eastern Europe Location of the United States of Akkerman.png
Misberia 38.6 km North America Most is ceremonial with many claims in parks and other public properties.
Republic of Heist-op-den-Berg 35.65 Belgium 92.19 km²
SNAGOVIANFEDERALREPUBLICFLAG.jpg Snagovian Federal Republic 29.07 km2 (11.22 sq mi) Romania Map of all the Oblasts in the Snagovian Federal Republic SFR ortographic globev2.png
The Socialist States of Tinakula 24.4 Claimed from: UK, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia All five regions.
Nation's Flag.
Kingdom of Prussion 20.17 New York City Main Territories only, colonies not including if any created in the future TBA
Nkeflag.png Kopernikan State 15.5 km² Zabrze, Poland

Timocratic-Childrens Soviet Society

12.94 km2 North America A mainly dictatorial nation combining aspects of many different government types

The Autocratic states of Kruaslavia

929m² Australia ,NSW ,Bathurst
Pacificonia 6.5 sqkm USA and South Pacific Two islands and Two territories Pacificonia on Globe.png
People's Republic of Domolica 6.406337 USA, Mexico, Beize, and British Virgin Islands 10.31 km²
New Weddington Isles 3.85 (952 acres) South Pacific / Indian Ocean Formerly the unclaimed Royal Company's Islands (sits outside of any territorial waters)
New Weddington Isles
Litvania 3.47 sqkm Bernex, Switzerland 9.00 km²
Republic of Herpitlion 2.50 sqkm Maženiai, Lithuania 5. 20 km2
Republic of Scoria 486.80 acres or 1.97 km² Offshore Islands south west of Ireland Scoria consists of the two islands of Scariff and Deneesh, located at the far south west of the Island of Ireland. The government resides in an exclave fully surrounded by the Republic of Ireland. Scoria map new.png
Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 1.97 sqkm London, UK - Torrevieja, Spain - Grímsey, Iceland 5.11 km²
Munaland Flag.png Principality of Munaland 2,58 km² Brazil and Bolívia borders
SunRepublic.png The Sun Republic 2 km² (0.772 Square Miles) Sierra Vista, Arizona
State of Gradonia 1.735 km² (0.67 sq mi) Brazos County, Texas 1.75 km²
Grand Republic of Delvera 1.08437 sqkm Missouri and Kansas, United States 2.80852 km²
Pitchfork Union 1.03 sqkm On the border of German and Perry Township, Evansville, Indiana 2.667688 km²
Principality of Andany 1.02 On the northeastern tip of Sardinina, Italy. 2.641788 km² Andany Map.PNG
Royal Republic of Ladonia 1.00 km² On the Kullaberg Peninsula in southern Sweden.
Kingdom of Mivland 0.97 km² or 0.37 mi² Missouri, USA
Kingdom of Efransa 0.58 sqkm New York Map of the Location of Metropolitan Efransa within New York State. Efransa Map.jpeg
Flag of Australland.png
0.4091km2 Various spots on Sydney's North Shore, particularly the border between Willoughby City Council and Ku Ring Gai Council Territories are shown on map. Link to map
Harmonia 0.38 sqkm Johor,Malaysia
Vlajka KM.svg Mendersia 0.001247 km² (0.000481 sq mi) house in Žatec, Czech Republic
Conservationist Union of Vivannia 0.3237 km² (1/8 square mile)
Kingdom of Baustralia 0.270001080526 km² (~ 0.104248 sq. mi.) Canada 27 hectares
Empire of Austenasia 0.16261 sqkm Great Britain, South America, Australasia
Slitronia Flag.png The Great Kingdom of Slitronia 0,16 km² Estonia SL Map.png
Flag of Klitzibürg.pngGrand Duchy of Klitzibürg 0,13 sqkm South Prague, Czech Republic
Republic of Danielland 0.126562 sqkm Inside State of Georgia, island off coast of Antarctica, islands in Gulf of Alaska The Republic Of Danielland Map.jpg
Sabini national flag.jpg Free State of Sabini 0.1233 km² North America
Holy Kingdom of Deseret 0.11185 sqkm Wasatch County, Utah
Republic of Novaland 0.06 sqkm Bretagne, France, Asia
Humanytaria 0.057 sqkm Kopački Rit, Croatia and two small embassies (U.K)
Republic of the 43rd 0.0517 sqkm Marie Curtis And Forest parks, Mississauga (Canada)
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail 1.12km2 aprox. Spain & Portugal see map link [[1]]
Isles of Colibar 0.043 sqkm United Kingdom
Kingdom of Florenia 0.04219 sqkm North America
Kingdom of Tsurasia 0.0341 km² Blackey, KY USA Tsurasia close-up.png
Star Kingdom 0.03333 sqkm Macon, Georgia, United States
Empire of Adammia 0.03254 sqkm Yorkshire, Cheshire and Devon, UK Featured maps of Primoria and Maternia, approximately 300 square metres shown.
steve™ Kingdom 0.0259 km² Jõelähtme vald, Harjumaa; Kose vald, Harjumaa; Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia.
Republic of Molossia 0.02234 sqkm In Dayton, Nevada Molossia Map.jpg
Libria 0.0208333 sqkm Kennesaw, Georgia
Republic of Ondia 0.0205189 km2 Bánovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia Capital City: Ondria IMAGE COMMING SOON
Republic of Patetopia 0.01288 sqkm United States

Regelis flag 16h.png Regelis

0.01214 sqkm United States Fort Wayne, IN
Kingdom of Überstadt 0.005 Mountlake Terrace, Washington, United States
Blue Army 0.004349602273 International The Size noted here does not include any micro proxies under the Blue army.
Democratic Environmental Society of Senya 0.0036 The back of a garden in Norfolk, UK
Gymnasium State cca 0.003 gymnasium in Sušice, Czech Republic 0.008 Gymnasium State (orthographic projection).png
Kingdom of Atovia 0.02 km2
0.00772 mi2
Ohio, USA AtoviaMap-0518.png
Kingdom of Wyvern 0.00296 The Netherlands - Zuid-Holland 7592m²
The Kingdom of Falcar 0.00112 South Australia 2914m², 0.00291 km² Updatefalcar.jpg
Kingdom of Caeruleus 0.0008 America 0.002 Sq. Kilometres
Unified Kingdom of Slimesylvania 0.0004965274 Texas, U.S.A ~1286m². Successor to West Korea. About 0.0001 mi² larger than West Korea.
Kingdom of Wattania 0.0002 Victoria, Australia Estimated Wattania - Map.jpg
Empire of Myrotania 0.00016 Britain Location of Myrotania.png
The Greater Palimentary Republic of Remland 0.000087 United States 224m²
Empire of Barbettia 0.0000494289 North America
British Empire 0.0000274406 United Kingdom 85 yds²
AoHflag.png The Abode of Heaven 13m² Three rooms in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kingdom of Sollena 10m² Mihail Kogalniceanu village, Tulcea County, Romania Sollena claimed territory.png
Union of Wasteoftimeistan 1.76m² A Table in an Art Room, Bishop of Llandaff, Wales, United Kingdom TBD
Galiria 0m2
Updated TRA PDL Flag.png Principality of Ledilia 1180 m², 0.00118 km². Situated in Italy, at 30 Minutes from Rome, Ledilia is a splendid place and full of different things to do, why do not see it a day?
FranciCity.png Franci City 0.00010 km² Capitale La capitale rappresenta l'intera superficie nazionale.
Kaz Flag.jpg Kaz 0.01700 New York City
Flag São Guimarães.png São Guimarães 5.657m² Puerto Rico, America 0 (9.103 km2 rivendicate) Puerto rico map.png
Sabah Autonomous community of Taman ria 7.62km2 Penampang 231 km²
The Democratic Republic of Charles 368.19 km² Jocelyn Islands, Kabile Island, Heard and McDonald Islands
Logopit 1586889691314.jpg Principality of Gumland 2.67 km² Las Virtudes, Alicante, Spain This is the official map of the Principality of Gumland MapGumland.jpg
(ѠѲІЦІАЛЬНЫĬ) ѲЛАГ РУССКѠ-ДѢТСКАГѠ ЦРСТВА 2.png Slavic-Children's Tsardom 2.6 km2 Badalona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (Capital)

Éller, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

Camallera, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

???, ???, ???, UK

Athína, ???, ???, Greece

All of the territory voluntarily joined the Tsardom (except the capital) Capital 1 of SCT..png

Uk: Anonymous

Northchad.jpg North Chad 0.05 km² London,England
Rodrigolandia.png Democratic Republic of Osp-Rodrigolandia 0.0000120km² Rio Grande do Norte
Royaume d'Albeau.png Le Royaume d'Albeau 402.005km² Antartica, Albeau sur Glace Capture d’écran (1052).png