List of micronations by official religion

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Please complete this list in accordance with the list of state religions.
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This is a list of micronations by official or state religion.

The list

North America

Micronation Religion
  Timonocite Empire Hinduism
  Theodia Unitarian Universalism


Micronation Religion
  Republic of St. John Christianity[1]

South America

Micronation Religion
  CELTIC Roman Catholicism Paleosedevacantist/Conclavist (also called "Nicene Sycarvic Catholicism")


Micronation Religion
  Northumbria Christianity (Anglicanism)
  United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Templar Church (Protestantism)
  Kingdom of Lukland Roman Catholic
  State of Samizdat Christianity[2]
  ISTER Princedom 宇宙聖心學會 Universe Holy Consciousnessism Church,UHCC
  Federal Republic of Kopernik State Agnosticism (none)
republic of lanevinia eastern orthodox christianity


Micronation Religion
  Falcar State Agnosticism (none)
  Australis Christianity


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