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|[[File:Flag of Radonia.jpg|25px]] [[Radonian Empire]]
|[[File:Flag of Radonia.jpg|25px]] [[Radonian Empire]]
|Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity
|Roman Catholic and Byzantine Orthodox Christianity

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Please complete this list in accordance with the list of state religions.
Please complete in alphabetical order.

This is a list of micronations by official or state religion.

The list

North America

Micronation Religion
Misberia Syncretism
 Timonocite Empire Hinduism
 Theodia Unitarian Universalism
Flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.png Soviet America State atheism
Flag of Bradonia.png Bradonia Presybterianism
Ninjasus Flag.png
Imperial States of Forestria
Sciencism, Catholicism
Confederation of Malus Atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Satanism, Shrewism
Flag of Veritasian Canada.jpg Nova Veritasia Gnostic Christianity
Flag of Radonia.jpg Radonian Empire Roman Catholic and Byzantine Orthodox Christianity


Micronation Religion
 St. John Christianity[1]
Saltanat Al 'Ahlamistan Islam

South America

Micronation Religion
 Karnia-Ruthenia Roman Catholic Apostolic Church
Flag of Rino Island 2021.png Rino Island Roman Catholic Apostolic Church


Micronation Religion
Second Democratic Christian Republic of 11B.png The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite Roman Catholic Apostolic Church
Northumbria Christianity (Anglicanism)
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Templar Church (Protestantism)
Flagsamisdat.jpg State of Samizdat Christianity[2]
Flag of ISTER.jpg ISTER Princedom 宇宙聖心學會 Universe Holy Consciousnessism Church, UHCC
(ѠѲІЦІАЛЬНЫĬ) ѲЛАГ РУССКѠ-ДѢТСКАГѠ ЦРСТВА 2.png Slavic-Children's Tsardom Orthodox
Nkeflag.png Kopernikan State State Agnosticism (none)
Republic of lanevinia eastern orthodox christianity
Republic of Roscamistan Roman Catholicism( official)
Luxeflag.svg Democratic Republic of Luxe
Agnosticism (de iure) Christianity (de facto)
Bangtanszag flag.jpg Bangtanszag Orthodoxy
BANDERA TERRITORIO DE ULTRAMAR DE PEDRO.jpg Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro Roman Catholic Apostolic Church
NewFlagCaelesta.png Republic of Caelesta Secular State (None)


Micronation Religion
 Falcar State Agnosticism (none) not based
 Australis Christianity
The Autocratic states of Kruaslavia Anglican/Christianity
Cheesistan Satanism

United Kingdom

Micronation Religion
Flag of Parvia.jpg Parvia Christianity
West Moravia Jefferesianism


Micronation Religion
Hinduflag.png Aryavart Empire Hinduism


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  2. [1]