List of micronations by media

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Here is a list of media by micronations and freedom of speech.

Micronation Number of media It's legal to start a media company Public Service exist Freedom of Speech
Flagsamisdat.jpg State of Samizdat 1 Yes Yes, Radio Samizdat Yes
Goldensteinsnewflag.JPG Goldenstein 1 Yes Yes, GTV Yes
MyFlag2.svg Hosamia 1 Yes Yes, HNN Yes/No (Cycoldian control)
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel 9 Yes Yes, NEB Yes
Newnatlinflag.png The United Provinces of Natlin 3 Yes Yes, NCTV Yes
Essexian reich.png The Commonwealth of Essexia 3 Yes Yes, REMN Yes
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire 1 Yes Yes, the Imperial Gazette Yes
Wegmatflag.jpeg Kingdom of Wegmat 5 Yes Yes, WGB Yes
Belcityflag.png Belcity 2 Yes Yes,RB and TVB Yes

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