List of micronations by macronation

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  Over 20 micronations
  11-20 micronations
  6-10 micronations
  1-5 micronations
  Micronational territory within nation

The following is a list of micronations by the macronation they are based in:


Micronation Capital Population Status
Official Flag Westarctica.jpg Grand Duchy of Westarctica N/A 400-600 Active
Free republic of vertis.PNG Free Republic of Verdis N/A 15-30 Active
Pflag4.png Tsardom of Phokland Rosston 60 Active
New Cymru Flag.jpg New Cymru Terra 1 Active
Empire of Walkoria N/A N/A Inactive


Micronation Capital Population Status
Sabia and Verona Alios 125 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Birtawilempireflag-september2017.png Bir Tawil Empire Vendaru 50,000 Active
DFC288F2-C1F4-41EF-8239-BB43B2374D5C.jpeg Crascia Yokoto 2 Active
Flag of Lehmark.png Empire of Lehmark Imperial City 8 Active
6F36F0B8-F863-457E-A45F-434DFA6FD68A.png Southern Cross Union Cavehill 1 Active
Flagoffalcar2018.jpg Falcar Arbonia 11 Active
Razerkaikstania flag.JPG The Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania Nylbjorn 1 Active
Uskor Tyrshavn 20 Active
The New Roman Empire The City of New Rome 15 Active
Flag of Arkovia.svg Arkovia Novia 185 Active
Flag The Republic of Macéyon.jpg Republic of Macéyon unknown 1 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Linian Prizakh 6 Active
Pangavianpdrflag.png Pangavian People's Democratic Republic Bischofshofen 68,000 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Drakonberg Arbor 5 Active
Irevan Irevan 16 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Campinia Campinopolis 68 Active
Flandrensis Giddis 427 Active
Heist-op-den-Berg Heist-op-den-Berg 43.418 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen Triunphus 211 Inactive
Karnia-Ruthenia Persenburg 148 Active
Koss Arceu 4 Inactive
Flag of Hallgrenia.png Hallgrenia House of Hallgrenia 3 Inactive
Bandeira Guanabara.png Guanabara Rio de Janeiro 4 Active
Flag São Guimarães.png São Guimarães São Valeur 56 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Ongal Camp Rid 1200 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
 Baustralia Cascadia, Holderton 55 Active
Flag of Iustus 2.png Empire of Iustus Curtis City 70 Active
1eganflag.png Commonwealth of Egan Lenoway 16 Active
Second Republic of Kayenay Fort KNA 23 Active
Flag of York upon Humber.png Free City of York upon Humber York upon Humber (city-state) 145,662 Active
New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Great Lawl Reich Officially None 1 Active


Name Capital Population Status
BonumlandFlag.png Republic of Bonumland Bonumis 8 Active
Dhr.jpg Dalmatia-Herzegovina Republic ? Active

Czech Republic

Name Capital Population Status
Ark Maramia N/A 4 Defunct
Alaric Mischkowitz March 2 Defunct
Vlajkacs.png Czechoslovakia Prague 0 Inactive
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium State Sušice 18 Active
Hiberia Horní Čermná 0 Defunct
Karnia ( Karnia-Ruthenia) Vídeň 9 Active
Lurk ( Mercia) Redwood 23 Active
Snowy plains province Snowy plains 3 Active
Mekniy Yeoju 25 Active
Flag of Fyrinia.png Fyrinia Kirilmaz 0 Active
Radoslavianflag.png Radoslavia Bruntál 0 Active
FlagofMoravia.png Moravia Olomouc 0 Inactive


Micronation Capital Population Status
Kingdom of Vendsyssel Hjørring 1 Active
Flag of Asgard.png Kingdom of Asgard Frederiksborg 820.310 Active


Micronation Capital Population
Occitania Babougrad 51


Micronation Capital Population
Kingdom of West Kaurakuja.pngKingdom of West Kaurakuja West Kaurakuja 5


Micronation Capital Population
Winthroopstan Imperial Palace 28


Micronation Capital Population
AImage.png Empire of Ardelia New Exerton 42.3 Million (Fictional)


Micronation Capital Population
Nána.jpeg Kingdom of Nána Atlinta 7


See also: Indonesian sector
Micronation Capital Population
Arkapura Ciptahegar 63
Excellent Mosswiss 30
Bendera Falalia.jpg Falalia Rikhlaant 175
New Flag of Fiharaya.jpg Fihanesia Kebon Belakang 1
Kyai royo landhep.png Harjakarta Narisworo City 5
IMG 3711.jpg Ruslandia Greenlandia -
Flag of St. John.png St. John Vredesstad 2
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Pejaten Strada -


Micronation Capital Population Founding date Status
Akhzivland Akhzivland Akhzivland 4 1971 Active
Territory Mound flag.png The Mound (Blue army Blue Army) Mound top N\A 2017 Unknown


Micronation Capital Population Status
Bandiera principato.jpgPrincipato dei Presìdi Marazzini Cà di Crose 6 Active
Luxe.jpgRepubblica democratica di Luxe Luxe 55 Active
Flagledoff2.pngPrincipality of Ledilia New Gandolfo 26 Active
FranciCity.png Franci City Franci City 3 Active
Fabroland.png Fabroland Fabboa 7 Active
StatodiAlux.png Stato di Alux Grando 8 Inactive
Franzlandia.png Franzlandia Città di Franzlandia 3 Dissolved
Elendors-kingdom-flag.jpeg Regno di Elendor N/A 4 Active
Bandiera principato.jpgPrincipato dei Presìdi Marazzini Cà di Crose 6 Active
Bandiera di Matthew City.pngKingdom of Matthew City Matthew City 32 Active


Micronation Founding date Capital Population Status
Flag of Woodland Patchwork.png Woodland Patchwork 23 October 2013 Yakozue 37 Active
Conzorica United Flag .jpg Fukuoka Republic, Federal Republics of Conzorica 2016 (Join Conzorica) Fukuoka 2 Active

South Korea

Micronation Capital Population Status
Jusin Republic (unnamed) 5 Active
Freetown Federation Fortona 32 Active
Pyeongweol (unknown) 3 Unknown
Lululandian flago.png Lulunia Urb der Ribeltuum 11 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Escandinavia.jpgTerranova Estocolmo 11 Active
Goldenstein.flag.jpgGoldenstein Freddietown 9 Active


Micronation Capital Population
Užupis Užupis Square 7000
Republic of Herpitlion Maženiai 16


Micronation Capital Population
Chernivflag.png Cherniv Capital State of Zaratev 15


Micronation Capital Population Status
Conzorica United Flag .jpg Federal Republics of Conzorica Ipoh Federal Capital 100+- Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Vlag Matyár.png Empire of Matyár Szegás 3 Active
Confederation of Mahuset Lazia 23 Active


Micronation Capital Population
Paravia Nyros 203
Flag of Kekia.png Kekia Skitnes (Eng: Kekburg) 3


Micronation Capital Population
Curimae.jpg Curimae New Curimae City 15


Micronation Capital Population Status
RUPA.png Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves Lisboa 8 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Flag of Asgardia.jpg Asgardia Asgardia-1 1,400,000 Active
BailliumFlag.png The Baillium Empire Bailly Crater 4 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
��The Great Canary Glory The Glocanary Port 12 Active
Sabinalinkflag.png The Sabinese Republic La Litera 13 Active


Country Founding date Capital Population
(as of last record)
Flagalperia.png Alperia, Empire of 12 January 2018 Uchtaç 10 Dissolved
Aden bayragi.jpg Aden, Kingdom of 4 March 2013 Aden Town N/A Unknown
Flagofiska1.png Iska Akaliazen, Republic of August 2018 Lepisteas 20+ Active
Thessa flag.png Thessania, The Great Kingdom of 29 March 2018 Sojdan 271 Active
Red Flag of Country.png Turkey, Colonial Empire of 5 October 2014 West Istanbul 45 Dissolved
Flag of haldia.png Haldia, Kingdom of 18 July 2016 Sojdan 40 Unknown
Principality of kievan yegin new flag.jpg Kievan Yegin, Principality of Unknown Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion N/A Unknown
Buralflag.png Buralia, Kingdom of Unknown Buralay 10 Dissolved
Alperenista.jpg Cırbülay, Republic of 14 December 2016 Aegeia 7 Dissolved
Sanjakistan Flag today.png Suladar, Theocracy of 6 August 2015 Antakya 4 Unknown
Timur Flag.png Timur, Republic of 4 February 2015 Foxania 11 Unknown
Sılaristan.png Sılaristan, State of 28 October 2015 Erzurum 2 Unknown

United Kingdom

Micronation Capital Population Status
Austenasia Wrythe 82 Active
25px Rockall Rockall (city-state) 1 Active
DoshevikanFlag.png Principality of Domanglia Domum 46 Active
FlagofIreland.png Kingdom of Ireland Dublin 4.81 Million Active
Flag of Uniland.svg The Republic of Uniland Hillview City 10 Active
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Democratic Union of British States N/A 7 Defunct
Florian Republic Penlee 21 Active
New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Principality of New Eiffel Új Repülő 12 Active
Princess Anne Land The Den 30 Active
Edenian flag.png Imperial Union of Edenia N/A 1 Active
[[File:|25px]] Kingdom of sitiland shedville 8 Active
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia Durham 30 Active
New Cymru Flag.jpg New Cymru Terra 1 Active
Essexian reich.png Queendom of Essexia Chelmsford 39 Active
ChrononianFlag.png United Chrononian Emirates Sylphson 73,500 Active
Fakeflag-mh2-au5.png Republic of Ellesmere Ellesmere Hamlet 4 Active
PazistanFlag.png United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan Pazistan City 12 Active
[[File:|25px]] Skjalmarr Republic Skjalmarrsdall 16 Active
Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera St. Cavendish 18 Active

United States

Micronation Capital Population Status
Npl flag.jpgFederal Republic of New Potato Land Draig Tatws, New Potato Land 7 Active
Aariania Yapton 85 Active
AaronlandFlag.png Aaronland Imperial Throne of Aaronland 8 Active
Atovia N/A 10 Active
Aynvaul N/A 4 Active
AuvFlag2.png Auvenum Jyilzyem 15 Active
BabikiriaFlag.PNG Babikiria Capitalcoco 17 Active
Calcontsmall.png Calcont N/A 1 Active
Flag of the Kingdom of Emosia.png Kingdom of Emosia Kyber 6 Active
Custosia Edwardia 20 Active
Esse Rema 12 Active
Holloway Crestan 9 Active
Florenia Afula 5 Active
Gendaraniaflag.png Gendarania New Phoenix (city-state) 3 Active
MyFlag2.svg Hosamia Hosam's Imperial Throne 3 Active
NNG.png Kaion District of Slavalia 12 Active
Kaz Flag.jpg Kaz The City of Kaz 8 Active
Sphinxflag3.png Lemurian Republic Hetairapolis 3 Active
Mackinac Engadine 56,264 Active
Molossia Baughston 32 Active
Nedland Palazu 242 Active
FlagNZRE.jpeg NZRE, Republic of Zulus 36 Active Ohio Republic Canton 3 Active
IKONflag.png Kingdom of Ikonia Noeria 15 Active
Oprflag.jpg Ozark Stream Republic Bailemor 4 Active
FlagofCaddia3.png Federal Republic of Caddia Caddia City 28 Active
Second Empire of Pacem Town of Con 12 Active
Posaf Turtle City 40 Active
Regelis flag.png Regelis Regelia 35 Active
Sandus Kremlum Sandus 12 Active
Silikia Riverside 21 Active
Sonora Herman 60 Active
AenderiaFlag.png Republic of Aenderia Port Charbonneau 0 Active
Überstadt Rosewood 4 Active
Th Flag National 8.png Theodia ʼImil 15 Active
Pitchfork Union Unionion 45 Active
Phoklandflag2.svg Realm of Kyland Seansberg 4 Active
West Who Whoville 60 Active
Ponderosa Hills Arsenal 10 Active
KOL Flag.png Kingdom of Loveland Loveland 389,085 Active
Libondor.png The Monarchial Micronation of Libondor Perrysburg 10 Active
Meowempire.png The Meow Kingdom PurrTopia 4 Active
Seybold Flag.jpeg Democratic Republic of Seybold New Springfield 1 Active
*Sawgrassia Flag.png The Great Nation of Sawgrassia N/A 1 Active
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.59.40 PM.png Palm Republic Paradise City 1 Active
Landtnationalflag.jpg Landt Republic Astoria 7 Active
Calzechlian flag.png Calzechia Calzech 42 Active
Flag of BSSR.png Bryanian Soviet Socalist Republic Bryan 8,434 Active
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg The Official Kingdom of Arbreland N/A BiHiLi Active
Flag of Nelm.png The Kingdom Of Nelm Hillsdale 8,141 Active
Safington Flag.png Safington Safington City 400+ Active
New Zenland Flag.png The Republic State Of Zenland Roblox 4 (2019) Active
DPUYFLAG1.png The Republic Of Tiffin River Tiffin River 1 Active
FlagOfTheRepublic.png Archduchy of Texas Houston 46 Active
Natlin.png The United Provinces of Natlin Wasusu 16 Active


Micronation Capital Population Status
Socialist United Republic of Ünie New Murph 124 Active