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|the prusso-american empire
|socalist monarchy
|pop: over a million

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  Over 20 micronations
  11-20 micronations
  6-10 micronations
  1-5 micronations
  Micronational territory within nation

The following is a list of micronations by the macronation they are based in:


Micronation Capital Population
Sabia and Verona Alios 125


Micronation Capital Population
Birtawilempireflag-september2017.png Bir Tawil Empire Vendaru N/A
Falcarflagsmall.png Falcar Arbonia 11
Uskor Tyrshavn 20
The New Roman Empire The City of New Rome 15


Micronation Capital Population
Linian Prizakh 6
Pangavianpdrflag.png Pangavian People's Democratic Republic Bischofshofen ~ 68,000


Micronation Capital Population
Drakonberg Arbor 5
Irevan Irevan 32


Micronation Capital Population
Campinia Campinopolis 68
Flandrensis Giddis 427
Heist-op-den-Berg Heist-op-den-Berg 43.418


Micronation Capital Population
Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen Triunphus 211
Karnia-Ruthenia Persenburg 148
Koss Arceu 4
Flag of Hallgrenia.png Hallgrenia House of Hallgrenia 3


Micronation Capital Population
Ongal Camp Rid 1200


Micronation Capital Population
Occitania Babougrad 51


Micronation Capital Population
Winthroopstan Imperial Palace 28


Micronation Capital Population
Nána.jpeg Kingdom of Nána Atlinta 7


Micronation Capital Population
Užupis Užupis Square 7000


Country Founding date Capital Population
(as of last record)
Flagalperia.png Alperia, Empire of 12 January 2018 Uchtaç 10 Active
Aden bayragi.jpg Aden, Kingdom of 4 March 2013 Aden Town N/A Unknown
Thessania Flagg.png Thessania, Kingdom of 30 July 2013 Sojdan 271 Unknown
Red Flag of Country.png Turkey, Colonial Empire of 5 October 2014 West Istanbul 45 Dissolved
Flag of haldia.png Haldia, Kingdom of 18 July 2016 Sojdan 40 Unknown
Principality of kievan yegin new flag.jpg Kievan Yegin, Principality of Unknown Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion N/A Unknown
Buralflag.png Buralia, Kingdom of Unknown Buralay 10 Dissolved
Alperenista.jpg Cırbülay, Republic of 14 December 2016 Aegeia 7 Dissolved
Sanjakistan Flag today.png Suladar, Theocracy of 6 August 2015 Antakya 4 Unknown
Timur Flag.png Timur, Republic of 4 February 2015 Foxania 11 Unknown
Ssam.png Ata's, Socialist Micronation of 5 July 2014 Aroom City 6 Unknown
Sılaristan.png Sılaristan, State of 28 October 2015 Erzurum 2 Unknown


Micronation Capital Population
Arkapura Ciptahegar 63
Excellent Mosswiss 30
New Flag of Fiharaya.jpg Fihanesia Kebon Belakang 1
Kyai royo landhep.png Harjakarta Narisworo City 5
Sunda Raya Bandung Raya
Pondok Labu
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png

United Southeast Asian States

Zuiden-Zemlya Unkown


Micronation Capital Population
Paravia Nyros 203


Micronation Capital Population
RUPA.png Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves Lisboa 8

United Kingdom

Micronation Capital Population
Austenasia Wrythe 82
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Democratic Union of British States None 7
Florian Republic Penlee 21
Princess Anne Land The Den 30
Edenian flag.png Imperial Union of Edenia None 1
Https---micronations.wiki-images-6-66-Comm.png Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia Constitution City 45
Kingdom of sitiland shedville 8
Union of Wasteoftimeistan Neutralville 1

United States

Micronation Capital Population
Aariania Yapton 75
Aynvaul None 4
Calcontsmall.png Calcont None 1
Custosia Edwardia 20
Esse Rema 12
Holloway Crestan 7
Florenia Afula 5
Mackinac Engadine 56,264
Molossia Baughston 32
Nedland Palazu 242
Http---i0.kym-cdn.com-photos-images-original-001-267-464-e49.png Ohio Republic Canton 3
Oprflag.jpg Ozark Stream Republic Bailemor 4
FlagofCaddia3.png Federal Republic of Caddia Caddia City 28
Second Empire of Pacem Town of Con 12
Posaf Turtle City 40
Pnewflag.png Principality of Phokland Rosston 10
Principality of gleichenberg PM.png Principality of Gleichenberg Siegesstadt 2
Sandus Kremlum Sandus 12
Silikia Riverside 21
Sonora Herman 60
Überstadt Rosewood 4
Th Flag National 8.png Theodia ʼImil 15
Pitchfork Union Borderland 37
West Who Whoville 60
Ponderosa Hills Arsenal 10