List of micronations by GDP (nominal)

This is a list of micronations by nominal GDP.


Note that, generally speaking, calculation of a micronational GDP should be done in a recognized currency of said micronation, whether national or otherwise.[1]

Nominal GDP should be calculated like so:

P + I + G + (E - M)


P = Private consumption

I = Gross investment

G - Government investment

E - Exports

M - Imports

For example,

If a micronations reports indicate $20,000 in private consumption, $10,000 in gross investment, $15,000 in government investment, exported $2,000 worth of goods and imported $1,000, its nominal GDP would be calculated like so : $20,000 + $10,000 + $15,000 + ($2,000 - $1,000) = $46,000


Please provide a link to an annual report showing a full breakdown of economic activity as a reference.

Micronation Currency GDP Year Citation
  Republic of Istria RID(Đ) 228.374.632,655 2021 Report of the Ministry

of Finances of Istria

regarding 2021 GDP[1]


1.^ According to the Ministry of Taxation and the Economy of the Empire of Vouzensel.