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| [[File:Concordian_Organistation.svg|60px]]
| [[File:Concordian_Organistation.svg|60px]]
| [[Concordian Unional Organisation]]
| [[Concordian Unional Organisation]] (2019)
| 7
| 7

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This is a list of intermicronational organisations by number of member states.


Logo Organisation Member States Notes
OAM2.png Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) 44 Dissolved (this organization is defunct)
M.A. Flag.jpg Micronational Assembly (2016) 39 Inactive (Excluding 12 observers)
OMU Logo.png Organization of United Micronations (2009) 33 Inactive
GUM logo.png Grand Unified Micronational (2009) 31 Active (Excluding 3 provisional members and 7 observers)
EUM UME1.png European Union of Micronations (2011) 28 Active
CLM Coa.png League of Christian Micronations (2017) 14 Active
Say no to com.jpg Assembly of Micronations Against Communism (2017) 12 Active
Oml1.gif Micronational Monarchies Organization (2001) 9 Dissolved (this organization is defunct)
Concordian Organistation.svg Concordian Unional Organisation (2019) 7 Inactive
UMPactNewLogo.png United Micropact 7 Dissolved (this organization is defunct)
New logo AIM.jpg Association of Indonesian Micronations 5 Dissolved (this organization is defunct)
LogoUMA.png The United Micronational Assembly 4 Inactive
UMLC.png Union of Antarctic Micronational Claims 3 Dissolved (this organization is defunct)
Flag of the League of Nations.svg League of Nations 3 Inactive