List of Political Parties in New Eiffel

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In New Eiffel, a new Prime Minister is elected ever year on Christmas Day. In order to became a prime minister of New Eiffel, the person who is “running” must create a political party.

A handful of political parties have been created, here is the list.


Flag Name Code Goverment Motto Number of Seats
New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Independent L. Smith Party AOA Capitalism “Live freely” 0/29
SSP-Flag.jpeg Socialist Scandinavian Party SSP Social Democracy “Making Progress!” 10/29
Yellow Party Flag.jpeg Yellow Party JST Capitalism “We won’t kill to raise the bill!!” 2/29
PSP-Flag.jpeg Pro-Subdivisions Political Party PSP Federation “UNITED UNDER ONE” 2/29
Orange Party Flag.jpeg The Orange Party XKA Absolute Democracy “Every vote counts” 6/29
Communist-Flag New-Eiffel.jpeg Red Party RED Communism “In Russia, it failed. In New Eiffel, it nailed.” 1/29
White Flag.jpeg The No-Go Party NGP Anarchy “We don’t do anything, we don’t go anywhere” 0/29
Swampism Logo.jpeg The Soviet Onion Party SRK Swampism “You can’t spell ‘progress’ without ogre!” 0/29
SHREK-SUPA-PARTY.jpeg Shrek Super Party SHK Democratic Swampism “Shrek is love. Shrek is life.” 1/29
Nationalist Party of New Eiffel-3.jpeg Nationalist Party of New Eiffel NAT Nationalism “Vote Nationalism!” 2/29
Communism New Eiffel.jpeg Communism Party of New Eiffel CPN Communism “Vote for the best party. Also known as The Communism Party of New Eiffel.” 2/29
Flag of MOP—.jpeg Monarchy Party MOP Absolute Monarchy “Our fair Prince” 1/29
LGBTQ+RightsParty.png.jpeg LGBTQ+ Rights Party LRP Democracy “Everyone reserves the right to express themselves” 0/29
ASP Flag.jpeg New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party ASP New Eiffel Democracy Cancer is never a joke. Stop smoking today” 4/29
Anarcho-capitalism.png New Eiffelic Free Market FMP Anarcho-capitalism “Make money, and do whatever you want, as long as it’s acceptable” 0/29
DAB60989-D7B5-4449-B4BF-EF35B5BA73BC.jpeg Grand Libertarian Party GLP Libertarianism N/A 0/29
SA Area New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Traditional Party of the Republic of New Finland TPN Traditionalism “Why do we need to have fifty government changes and new laws a year. Just keep it the traditional way, and have peace. No hassle, folks” 0/29