List of National Parks in the Kingdom of House Hold

House Hold has four National Parks. They are run by the National Park Service. The power to create a National Park is held by the Prime Minister. The first National Park was created 2020. The newest park is Merlin National Park created in 2021.

As of 2020 Bird Feeder National Park is the most visited park and Carolina National Park the least.

National parks

Name Location Date established as park Visitors (2020) Description
Bird Feeder Livingroom 27 August 2020 36 Takes up the entire window in the Livingroom. Most visitors come for birding due to the number of birds that come to feed.

House Hold's oldest national park

Oat Feeder Kitchen 6 October 2020 14 Made up of the Kitchen window. Famous for the number of Dark-eyed Junco that come to eat. At least 10 Juncos feed

in the park a day.

Carolina Bedroom 27 December 2020 8 Located just north west of Bunn. It was named after the Carolina Wren. 98% of all Wrens seen have been at Carolina

National Park.

Merlin Bedroom 29 January 2021 Located in the south west Bedroom.

Parks by state or territory

This is a list of the 8 rooms with national parks

Room Total parks Exclusive parks Shared parks
Bedroom 2 2
Livingroom 1 1
Kitchen 1 1

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